1. Yes. Every Jerma stream has a full crew of people involved, out of view of the camera. He has make-up people, gophers bringing snacks and drinks, a designated cushion plumper, cleaning staff who tidy up the set afterwards, and even a coach and joke writers feeding him material and encouragement via a small, unnoticeable headset.

  2. Eh, the problem with a self destruct perk is that is that it's barely useful until you're already dead. How often do people use the Werewolf? The damage of the the perk doesn't come close to the damage you hypothetically could have done with a more battle-specific perk.

  3. Honestly this subreddit/game community has more toxic people than any other I've been in. I have no issues using the block function on dishonest interlocutors, and my browsing experience and quality of my conversations has improved significantly.

  4. About 60 days depending on the surface

  5. I might be mistaken but characters won't spawn on top of blocks you place.

  6. Average hover slave making a whole new account to parody me just because I got under their skin with the truth 🤡

  7. I cannot fathom what you must have said to drive someone to this level of petty.

  8. "Moderator discretion" means "We make it up as we go along. Fuck you." That rule is deliberately vague so they can just do what they want. Garbage tier mod team.

  9. This is one of the more humane ways to get rid of a Jermblie infestation.

  10. Your game files don't match. One of you has edited files or used a mod that the other hasn't.

  11. I feel like a combination of options 2 and 3 would have been the best approach. But it still leaves the mode with the biggest problem that the Ravagers aren't fun to play. They're at such a massive disadvantage, what with survivors being able to camp certain ledges or chokepoints, hovers being available, and the games driving mechanics handling like ass.

  12. I love this idea! The concept of massive, over-engineered fast food delivery trucks almost seems like it could be canon within the Scrap Mechanic universe.

  13. The vehicle packs are a total ripoff, don't bother with them. Extortionately priced.

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