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  1. Okay, well, this is a "you don't know enough to know what you're asking question" so keep that in mind when you read my answer:

  2. From your answer. I think blood angels look like the best direction. Do they have their own codex?

  3. All Space Marines use the Space Marine codex for their general 150 units they all have access to, and a Chapter-specific supplement.

  4. 24915 minutes is 415.25 hours is 17.3 days or nearly 2 1/2 weeks

  5. Old ticket office had TVs outside when I went past the other day.

  6. Anyone know the answer tho, asking for a friend

  7. The Dark Angels Combat Patrol is likely the most-purchased one, as it is a good starting point for pretty much any space marine chapter/army;

  8. Whats some more interesting chapters. Space wolves aren't really doing it for me.

  9. The most common thing people do is do a custom paint scheme, which leaves open the freedom to run the army under the rules of any "main" chapter as a successor, or just a crusade-specific paint scheme of a main chapter.

  10. This is close to what I grew up with. I would replace the oil with butter and then add a bit more butter. We always diced the bread a bit smaller too, for a more “mixed” texture.

  11. OK, for stuffing you'll need a full loaf of bread. Cut into 1/2" cubes and toast until medium brown. Reserve and let dry, preferably a day before. Add pumpkin seeds or pine nuts if you like.

  12. Why don’t you just buy the spirit tribal precon they did for innistrad? Millicent the Restless Revanant? Good out of the box

  13. Noted. I'll check the deck list. I prefer building my own decks.

  14. Might I suggest [[Kykar, Wind's Fury]] instead if you want to do Jeskai Spirits? They can generate more spirits for you, and in a pinch can turn them into mana (or alternatively, you can look at it as each non-creature spell gives you back R)

  15. You become the monarch. Give all your cards and life total to the player with the highest life. Then kill

  16. There's fuck loads of pubs in Cambridge just ask behind the bar the staff will send you in the right direction. Can't fail a pub crawl in Cambridge.

  17. How does Corbin's gear keep getting worse.

  18. Agreed I was thinking maybe they didn't finish his boots in time or something. It's a bad look but definitely looks unfinished to me.

  19. Shame you don't play black . [[Thrilling encore]] is always fun after a boardwipe.

  20. What country is this? Their education system is creating stupid people.

  21. It's a satirical movement. It's brilliant not stupid.

  22. These days the lines between satire and actually idiocy are so blurred, I struggle....

  23. The strain is a good watch. Bad design on the main antagonist but if you get past the first season it's worth it.

  24. You don't get to play those cards for free if that's your what your trying to do.

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