1. Chase is better because he has motivation, drive, a job, etc.

  2. I wave and smile as much as possible since it’s against the rules to use a turn signal in a bmw.

  3. I feel this so hard. So many people try to cut down the side streets just to get further before joining the bridge line on Georgia. Even if you're just pulling out of your parkade, you look like one of the entitled BMW drivers heading to West Van that want to budge in front of everyone else.

  4. What’s worse is I actually drive a BMW. I know how I come across.

  5. No issues! We just switched our buzzer system so didn’t need it anymore!

  6. I think that’s the plan. Why five lots?!? Christine is done and gave up her “lot” so it makes no sense.

  7. Not only ‘why 5 lots’ but when did Kody decide the 4 lots will now be smaller so him and Robyn can get an extra lot? It’s literally theft.

  8. All Mormons have pictures of Hot Jesus. They hand them out all the time. Book marks and weird postcard sized ones and Hot Jesus is everywhere. And also like hand outs for lessons. Mormons LOVE lesson hand outs. So you get your Hot Jesus picture and then also like construction paper with candy glued to it and a pun about morals. Or like "Donut forget to pray!" and you get a donut. It's like when Michael Scott threw all those candy bars around at Ryans business school except the hand outs usually come with guilt and shame along with the treat.

  9. I live on Georgia Street and have to turn right to get into my place. I’m always so worried people will think I’m doing sneaky HOV stuff. A cop has pulled me over before but said ‘oh nvm’ when I said I live here.

  10. Requiring humans to enforce it means that enforcement will be infrequent at best. Hell, enforcement is so infrequent that most drivers complain about it the one time in a thousand that they actually get a ticket. Having cameras do enforcement would be far more effective, especially for bus lanes, when to enforce it properly the cop would have to follow the driver for more than one block to check that they are not just turning left. And bus lane infractions are not usually something that endangers others, just adds to congestion, so the driver doesn't matter much, as long as the vehicle's owner gets charged.

  11. If it was cameras, in my instance, wouldn’t I get ticketed all the time? For use of HOV to turn right?

  12. I’d welcome it. I hate learning one of my go-to restaurants was shut down due to sanitary reasons, yuck.

  13. 1 serving has 167% of your daily value of chromium. I don’t know what chromium is but knowing a single drink exceeds your daily value and they suggest drinking 3 a day seems… not right.

  14. I mean, I have a dog, and I’ve moved him with my feet when my arms are full, but no. She legit kicked the dog.

  15. I always see great photos posted from the Vancouver archives and I’m curious how people go to see them?

  16. The guy in the video seems to be saying he’s been wrongfully arrested?

  17. King is now safely at the vet getting treatment thankfully. His legs are covered in burn like wounds and he has head/eye trauma. Quote from the vet is a minimum of $5000 and he is getting care now. For those interested a GoFundMe has been established to help his family cover his medical costs. it’s not allowed to post GFM links, please request and I will DM the link.

  18. Cyclists! You have to follow the same rules as a car. Just fucking stop at the stop sign and don't run red lights. I don't want your bones to dent my hood.

  19. And don’t use the pedestrian crossing when you should be following the rules of the road.

  20. Why do they always ask if Christine likes Robyn. Flip the switch, does Robyn like Christine? Could Robyn have also not been supportive right back? Robyn didn’t lean on Christine for childcare, she didn’t thank Christine for feeding all the kids she refused to, she didn’t host big get togethers at her house cause she wanted it to be clean, she kissed Kody before marriage which was something Christine said was a boundary, she asked Kody to pick her dress, she took Kody for 11 days leaving Christine with a newborn baby and her kids.

  21. I'm sure Dayton chose a school, then Robyn told Kody to move there. He did what he did, and made everyone believe life would be better there. He says multiple times in those episodes he was just buttering them up to move.

  22. And Robyn also said ‘Kody likes to save money but I think spending money is okay if it gets you qualify of life’ - and that’s where her debt comes from, living beyond her means, and yet, it’s happening all over again.

  23. Not to mention decides she isn’t ‘well’ to participate in group therapy sessions. Won’t allow kids to eat her stuff unless it’s her bio-kids (confirmed by Gwen). Saves up HER grocery money to go on extravagant holidays with Kody, yet the wives are feeding and entertaining the whole brood. Anytime another kid (older girl) stayed with Robyn they were put to work. Mykelti before they were even married and Aspen when she returned from school.

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