1. Gorgeous. We eventually gotta rename that strain though

  2. How does the glass feel? Thicker or the same as puffcos other pieces?

  3. How is the durability on it? The glass thick or thin?

  4. 1ft x 1ft x 2ft building in an old filing cabinet.

  5. have you recently added light or anything? solo cups are pretty small for soil grows. usually youll need a soilless medium to really get them to take off in a party cup. id recommend potting it up if you can.

  6. Unfortunately due to space constraints I need a tiny container

  7. No, the plant lives in a grow box, I took it out to take the photos for a better angle.

  8. This was hard to follow man, good luck, but this is a bad lost and found post

  9. Man you are so off base the catcher is going to pick you off walking the ball up the line. Do you think I wouldn't pay them? What idiot would even think about that?

  10. ya wages around here especially for younger people are dogshit at best. I figure a weekend day or two making some cash wouldn't hurt their feelings at all. But no. I would not ask anyone to do anything for me without paying them in cash. That's immoral and unethical to me.

  11. Haven't heard anything about releasing more merch, but I think the merch line was a mess for a few reasons. It was wrong to let a few people buy everything out. I heard there were people paying $100 to be able to buy more than the allotted posters. Then there were the ones who'd let their ten friends cut in line so they could buy more. And finally, the line should not have taken all day. There is no reason they had to let people try everything on. Like you don't know how a medium fits??? I think you should be able to hold it up to you, but it's not a dang dressing room.

  12. I’ve seen a lot of complaining about the merch situation, but I had no issue. Showed up at 9:30, was about 30th in line, got my poster, made sure my sweatshirt fit and was out within 40 minutes.

  13. How thick is the glass? Is this a durable piece?

  14. Fascinating how much the pot size impacted growth. These seeds were popped the same day.

  15. Sometimes you haven’t seen the people you are talking to in a long time and you ran into them unexpectedly.

  16. (1) you’re just wrong in general (2) This post is specifically about Mexico, where you’re a captive audience for a week, the people you’re talking to are at the pool all day, and going to the same after party as you

  17. We're all on the beach man with plenty of space, just move away from the chompers

  18. Strong disagree with this take. It’s a “please listen”, with a 🤫 from me. Talking during the show is a no-go. Don’t crush through the crowd to find a nice place to make this about you. If you want to talk leave the show.

  19. Unfortunately no. I’ve been out of this style of church for nearly a decade and still have moments every now and then when I realize I’m still deconverting from the brainwashing.

  20. Excuse my ignorance, I am from a non religious community. These people convulsing to this “music” and laid out on the floor are sober? Wow they really are letting the spirits move them.

  21. Y’all need to go on Amazon and buy some blumat plugs…and just sit on em they’re like $20 for two and this would never happen

  22. WOW! As a first time grower thank you for this tip!

  23. Maybe... But it is worth all the time and resources it will need?

  24. This is my first ever grow, it’s had many issues along the way. In the future I’d mulch the plant, but I will be seeing this first grow through to the end

  25. Can we see that tootsie roll recipe? My favorite candy, would love to make it my favorite medible

  26. I tried to give advice that you asked for, thanks for being a great sport about it.

  27. I’m genuinely asking here, you said an additional $150 would improve my yield- how do you propose I spend that, what gear, equipment whatever would you suggest I buy?

  28. Roll of mylar, sell your light, buy Vivosun LS1000, fox farms 6 pack, fox farms ocean forest, literally I could tell you any direction to go, I budget a $250 change to my set up at completion of each grow

  29. I am running FF happy frog right now, I’ll try ocean forest next time for sure.

  30. My first guess would be mild nitrogen toxicity. Darker green leaves can also be a symptom, but I can’t tell much from this angle.

  31. She hasn’t gotten any additional nutes in a few weeks. Happy Frog is high in N though

  32. AC Infinity S22, Full Spectrum LM301Bs at 20% power in a 2x1 box, FF Happy Frog, ph water

  33. What was the setup/ training like here? Did you just drop a seed in and go?

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