1. Very interesting that Vanity thinks that wardell needs a good IGL to thrive and only listed Optic, Guard and C9 as having true IGLs, rather than shot callers. Strange thought when Roza seems to be doing so well in that regard and TSM are actually performing under him without Wardell this time around?

  2. It’s also important to note that Seven’s playstyle is incredibly similar to Wardell’s. The more impactful pickups I’d point to are the expansion of coaching staff and gMd who IGLs CT half

  3. Vanity’s opinion on Wardell just validated how I’ve been feeling for like 2 years now ty Mr. Anthony I needed this

  4. yes, if you discard the last episodes of toradora it is an amazing anime

  5. what? that ending made me hate the anime so much that i never watched it again

  6. It’s just a chemistry thing I feel like. I’m one of Wardell’s big defenders when it comes to not wanting to move because he should live his best life and do what he wants, but I think from a team building perspective a young player like Seven whose willing to move into the team house rly paid off for the team and while he’s not an individual upgrade over Wardell he just works better on this team

  7. It’s a lot more than not wanting to move, from what a discord mod close to Wardell has said

  8. lmaooo "made the moving decision w/out communicating the players"? are you sure bout that coz as far as i know, after they lost last qualifier their vp of esports immediately laid out the plan that theyre moving the whole roster to texas

  9. Yeah that's what I mean, they made that decision without conferring with the players first, and that's a big change.

  10. he mains yoru and was previously a streamer for Vivo Keyd

  11. I honestly hate Chamber, before it felt like Sentinel lurk timings and cool setups were really impactful but now it’s just throw your Jett player on Chamber and OP them

  12. Probably higher rank than you and been playing/watching competitive FPS much longer as well if credentials are really all that important to you. I'd also be inclined to point out the irony in using LG's defeat over SEN as a positive point towards them and V1's loss to LG attributed to little practice when SEN just signed Kanpeki and have likely had the same if not less practice than V1 with Wardell. Besides, what evidence do you have to support your claims other than anecdoctal evidence as well? We have hardly seen him play because TSM has failed to make any notable deep runs with Wardell (something that hasn't happened now that they aren't playing with him, by the way) which should speak volumes in and of itself. Where is *your* analysis other than "watch the game forehead"? At least I attempted to offer some points from what we've seen of Wardell, where as you or really most in this sub have offered nothing beyond "his stats are high".

  13. TSM are now qualifying because they have a new coach who is competent and a new player helping with mid round calling. Use your brain, it’s not hard to not be this stupid

  14. Someone smarter than me answer why Wardell's teams keep losing even though he is always statistically near or at the top of his team.

  15. There’s not exactly a large sample size to go off of with that, he’s only played for TSM and V1.

  16. C9 is a valid pick because they have more long term results and also had a good showing at Champions. It’s also an opinion at the end of the day

  17. XXif was even better, so sad Knights couldn’t win with a performance like that

  18. Chamber is a relatively easy slot in. His util doesn’t need to be combod at all. He just needs to learn their defensive set ups, which is easy as a sentinel where you put stuff down pre round. Same as attack he’s just told where to put his trips and where to post up. The support players help him take space and use their util for him, which comes down to mostly in game comms

  19. He’s also playing Sage, and you still have to play around a team in an unfamiliar environment with completely new protocols and set plays

  20. V1 came back from 3-9 on CT side, wouldn’t be surprised if NRG come back at the half

  21. How's he been looking with v1? Haven't been able to watch

  22. Actually fun to watch TSM now that I’m less invested in them, interested to see if they keep this up. A V1 with Wardell vs TSM match would be fun

  23. I said it and I'll still say it. He's playing exactly the same style with V1 and getting resources for it again. Not really surprised Wardell + 4 excellent V1 players can beat Complexity 2-1, not sure how this disproves anything lmao

  24. He’s not getting resources any different than any other OPer lmfao he’s using rifles and other guns all the time when necessary

  25. Wardell and V1 looking good. I'm happy for him and I hope he continues to do well with this team. This is his chance to show every org that he's still valuable

  26. Took some time to warm up but he was feasting those second 2 maps, when he doesn’t need to hard carry he’s such a fun player to watch

  27. I feel kinda stupid but I don’t really understand how to read this, can anyone explain

  28. Wonder how Steel’s doing on his new team

  29. Both these rosters have potential but not enough to crack Top 5-8 I feel. Idk we’ll see if I get proven wrong

  30. TSM changed 2 players whereas 100T had 2 role changes, 3 player changes and a coaching change

  31. They lost Wardell he was their entire identity

  32. possible TSM vs SEN for the groups spot?? yes please

  33. Not the same with no Hazed/Wardell and Zombs Sadge

  34. I want the green hoodie they were wearing


  36. I think one of the really strong yet overlooked aspects of Chamber and Jett is how much they benefit the teams economy, ecos are a lot more dangerous against knives and an OP, and forcing is a lot easier when you have someone who essentially gets a free weapon every few rounds

  37. Thank goodness, thought V1 would have to play with a stand-in over the long term

  38. This team just seems generally cursed to have to play with stand-ins

  39. yeah obviously. I'm disagreeing with the part saying he's worse than shanks

  40. Wardell is miles better than Babybay tf

  41. The last time I heard about TSM scrims were when Hazed complained that SEN was sandbagging scrims…

  42. TSM’s first roster of the year were apparently destroying everyone in scrims Sadge

  43. Nearest Airport is the best FA team right now

  44. FaZe vs Nearest Airport is about to be the return of TSM vs Girl Kissers

  45. But TSM stomped Girl Kissers while Nearest Airport are really good

  46. xbyo says:

    Who woulda thought that joining a team fresh off a finals at LAN would be a good decision.

  47. Funniest thing is he wanted to stay with TSM, but TSM management transferred him to NV

  48. This is the moment I've been waiting for since I started watching Valorant and following this Envy team. Since they were together we are terrific, back when we considered c4Lypso the star player of this roster. From the Victor/Crashies pickup, the contentious Kaboose -> Marved change (I wanted them to pick up WeDid at the time LOL), and finally, the yay move that put them over the edge.

  49. Congrats bro no one has been a bigger Envy fan than you finally a well deserved major win

  50. Please, I can't fucking handle NA fans being happy about winning.

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