Is there anyone that know what a « binds when equipped »item mean I dont know if i can take it off after or is there a way to take off the bind curse

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  1. I wonder if you paid more than it cost to build this thing back in the 80s. Defs has a bit of wear.

  2. Yeah, they do, but unlikely to have been pipped at that speed. EDIT: correction, my misunderstanding: nothing focused out the front, but they do monitor traffic in both directions, across up to six lanes.

  3. man that 6 lane stuff is bullshit. I can count over 10 times i've slammed my brakes on in an "Ohshit its a mobile speedcamera" Moment and i've never been done. I feel you gotta pass these things speeding before they could ever get you .

  4. Either will have you drowning in pussy bro, I assume that's what your going for. If not, and actually want affordable reliability, go Japanese :)

  5. As someone who has owned jap cars all my life and buying my first euro car. Just don't. Never had so many things fail so often on a car. For context I have a Golf R.

  6. do you have the mk6 golf r? I heard the mk6s had a lot of problems through GTI's to Rs. I also have owned 50+ jdm cars and recently purchased a mk5 gti pirelli edition, no problems yet ( 7 months in ) and seems like a fantastic car

  7. how did she do that? like you gotta be proper potato brain to do that damage.

  8. It probs has dirt in it, which makes it extremely hard to use the Glass repair kit. I've passed many vehicles with damaged windscreens ( Small cracks like this ), Most of the time the mechanic wont even see it.

  9. I feel like you need a dark mode setting for this house. So bright!

  10. i’m in florida and i genuinely don’t know when to use it.. do people in non-flat states use it EVERY TIME they park? are you supposed to? i sometimes hit it with my shoe when getting into my vehicle and it makes a loud beeping sound (or maybe that’s the emergency brake idk) do you put it in park and then put on the parking brake? i’ve heard of the term but have never seen it used around me

  11. You relying on your Gearbox to keep the car in place is extremely bad for the box. Use your handbrake, it takes the pressure of the box.

  12. handbrake meaning the parking brake? should i do parking brake only? also i confirmed what im hitting when i get in is emergency brake, i don’t know where my parking brake is. i drive a 4wd ford f-150 but im a 19 year old woman so i have no idea

  13. When you engage your handbrake, you should see a circle with a ! Come up letting you know its engaged. the Handbrake ( Park brake ) Engages a little caliper ( Brake ) on the rear wheels to stop the vehicle moving, whereas your brake pedal , brakes the front calipers of the vehicle :)

  14. Assuming you're trolling.... But if you aren't, on the slightest off chance you actually aren't, Its just surface rust, just get a wire scrubber and it will come right off.

  15. I'm talking about the rust on the rotor hat. I think a wire brush will remove the rest of the coating that comes on the DBA EnShield discs

  16. Problem with these stores is they appeal to a niche audience. No way am i going in to that store as someone who knows nothing about it.

  17. This is terrifying I'm moving to Australia in January...

  18. Its okay, you usually only catch like 3-4 of these suckers per year in your bed. Not to bad at all.

  19. I got the names Hungry, Crazy and a few other ones on Frostmourne Oceanic. Got them back in like 2007. Always get people messaging me how i did it. You used to be able to contact a GM and ask if certain names had been logged off for a certain time, and if they had, the GM would remove the name from their account and you could use it! That's how i got hungry and crazy and a few others. Defo cant do it anymore though

  20. its not really mount farming when you get them all on the first attempt lol.

  21. Love how the mum is crying at the end of the video like her son is doing heroin or something...

  22. Wait you gotta tap a card? I've been riding it for the past 9 months and thought it was free this whole time!

  23. Hi mate, assuming you have, but call the bank, cancel card, they will investigate. You WILL get your money back, You WONT get your wallet back though :(

  24. Classic's not for you matey. No offence, retail sounds more like your jam.

  25. always amazes me how lower Irating people choose to do Ir04 and F3 etc over GT Cars. These formula cars are brutal, you cant get anything wrong really or your cooked. You touch someone else's ride, yours is now fucked, you touch a curb, yours is now fucked, you get rear ended, yours is now fucked, you lock your brakes, tyres lost 10-15% tread / lockup... GT cars can take so much more punishment and close call battles.

  26. Territory is 50/50. If looked after, yeah probs okay, But 80% of them aren't looked after. Also its a 4.0 Litre engine, the thing chews fuel like no tomorrow. ( Get something with a 2.0L Engine )

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