1. Anything fast enough to blur the “Hell is Real” sign. 200 mph should do it.

  2. Every orher cultivator really just runs trim? Thats disappointing. Feel like at that point its harder to find quality concentrate in the program than flower then

  3. My brother in Christ, there is a company here that frequently runs trim and puts out some of the best badder in the program. Turns chicken poop and chicken soup. Freaking myself a dab after typing this up

  4. Lord have myrcene! I had that hon blueberry cupcake made with the farkas flower, had me stuck lol beautiful looking flower

  5. They are killing the terps on these, but like you said I can’t risk half of them being in the lid. Very disappointing

  6. There should be none of the product on the outside or lid. I can’t believe this is still a problem. Apparently every package needs a “this side up” sticker since employees and shippers and everyone involved doesn’t understand containers leak if not stores properly. No excuse for it, you paid for those delicious terps and lost some.

  7. Updates, the Eastside Gary could be some of the skunkiest weed I’ve ever had in the program. I walked into my sisters house and my brother immediately smelled it. I noticed it yesterday before I even opened the bag. As far as effects I was absolutely floored last night. Beyond gone. This morning not as much, but I was still super high. It was a very dense head high. I highly recommend it

  8. Purchased from Bloom in Akron for $60 OTD (normally 80 without tax). 3rd time having their rosin and it’s the best product our program has to offer, PERIOD. Great Nighttime strain but is manageable through the day, excited to use tonight and watch some Thursday Night Football!!

  9. Have been waiting on people to say how their new rosin is. Can’t wait to try some

  10. Reminds me of all the virtue signaling we see in politics by all those slimy people

  11. Lost river was a pretty heavy indica. Very mellow and not euphoric really

  12. Who makes exceptional ice cream?

  13. The joy I felt when I found them here. I’m surprised I don’t see more people mentioning them ever.

  14. Same! But not many locations and jeni’s was already the star around here

  15. Agreed, this is probably heaviest consistent strain in the program. Even for the ridiculous price the effects can justify it

  16. I don’t mind paying for the convenience and being able to go anytime I want. Got tired of waiting on someone else to get tree, I can just got to a dispensary. Unless someone is fighting for homegrown, nothing is going to change

  17. Galenas and farkas are my go to’s. Recently enjoyed some riviera creek lost river. Woodward is also up there for me but haven’t bough them in a few weeks, been buying their concentrates

  18. I actually liked this one a lot. A little too uplifting for my preference, but was great for something different. Smell and looks of bud were great

  19. Nowadays? Probably at least $175k if you want to buy a place outside of Columbus city schools, but number was much lower before houses shot up

  20. Are they ever going to come back down or is this trend permanent?

  21. This pricing feels very unsustainable. Because so many factors go into real estate, effects from interest rate take longer to develop. Also, there is a huge supply issue. Unless there are mass foreclosures idk when prices will drop. Prices have no chance at dropping once they decide to lower rates bc everyone will go back into buying mode. But I don’t see any drastic change in the short term

  22. I tried that one and thought it was more hybrid but maybe I’ll have to try it again. I liked it for sure I recall

  23. About to pick up the blueberry cupcake today it looks awesome. Like 6% terps.

  24. The myrcene is heavyyy. I’ve been loving this hon blueberry cupcake badder

  25. They say the foreign places with rude services are the best tasting. They know it’s good so no need to cater to others lol respect

  26. I haven’t had a bad meal from Everest cuisine. But the best kept secret for lunch is Fame’s diner in the convention center. Everything is made to order and the most friendliest people work there

  27. Dual OG is by far their best strain. Just a very heavy relaxing indica if that’s your preference

  28. Based off these answers it sounds like nobody has tried the new rosin which is what op’s probably curious about

  29. Can someone point me to an Italian place in Columbus? Gallos is solid but Tony’s was very disappointing. Youngstown native here so have some high expectations.. hard enough to find complimentary table bread around here

  30. Thank youu. Will be throwing hands if any of these places charge me for table bread on the bill lol

  31. Their flower always looks off but they’re still top 3 grower in the state. Effects are always always on point despite looks.

  32. Never had anything that looks off by them, guess I've been lucky. The stuff they have been putting out lately has been the best I've had by them. Gorilla butter is absolutely drenched in trichomes.

  33. Their flower just looks interesting sometimes. You ever have dual OG by them? Usually looks pretty iced out. Definitely meaning to try gorilla butter, love the genetics on it

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