The Irish celebrating the Queen's death

Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

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Mechanical spider rig

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  1. This is adorable! Is she actually there or did you do some fancy image work?

  2. It is sadly a mirage. I used Blender to render the dinosaur and get the perspective right. Then I brought it into Gimp to bring it all together

  3. Honestly thought this was legit! As someone who's just getting started with Blender, this is mind boggling!

  4. Lol thank you! I've getting back into blender as well. Believe it or not i actually scaled back this project. I had MUCH more ambitious plans for this project, but I was already like 10 hours in and was getting of the project haha

  5. He is bald now. Probably for the better hahah

  6. These kinds of comments come from dunces who don't really know anything about the world. Just livin in their own sterile bubble, full of bliss.

  7. For real! No nothing about English colonialism much less Irish history.

  8. They are hosted by Clinton Jones, there usually is one large challenge like this once every 6 months. There's a community on discord which you can join if you dont wan't to miss the next challenge:

  9. I'm a big fan of Dikko on yt his topology tutorials were a game changer for me while I was learning this stuff.

  10. Yea I'm watching his topology videos now. Their all really good. His face retopology video was really comprehensive

  11. It was so shitty of Ethan to make a big deal about them being Fresh and Fit defenders when the only time they defended them was when Ethan platformed a girl that made dubious accusations towards F&F, taking anything she said for granted and being 0 critical of it just to have something to throw at them. And then he never picked the story up again or responded to any clarifications on F&Fs side.

  12. I get genuinely confused when people say Ethan "platformed" this girl. Isn't she just a random caller with no following? Like Adian Rose bringing Andrew Tate on his streaming is platforming. Tate who had a following previous before hand. I don't get how you can platform a random with no following.

  13. Yea I am asking, why are you so pressed

  14. I reaaally thought about it, a good way to start practicing animation

  15. Yea exactly! I just started animation and it's super rewarding

  16. That's true! I have a astigmatism and it's hard to wear contacts most of the time

  17. The models look good. I think the problem is with the lighting and texturing. Try textiring them without any shader bsdf's or you could also play around with the lighting scene composition and stuff

  18. I can try that! These models are actually from miHoYo. I've never played with mmd models before so I couldn't figure out how to fix all that glitching on them

  19. She's about to use Black Flash on some mfs

  20. Maybe we should give him a different name.....

  21. Well,.. I don’t know what that is.. Another game reference? I’m 43, I should know, right? 🙂

  22. Lol it is, but its ok if you don't know. There's a PlayStation game series called Twisted Metal that first came out in 1995 (a little before my time). The poster boy for the series is named Sweet Tooth.

  23. Arh that game.. I remember that one. Only payed it a few hours at a friends house.. My vehicle is very much inspired by Rocket League to be honest, those car designs are bad ass! You can’t tell right now, because my modeling skills are seriously lacking 🤷

  24. I can definitely see the rocket league inspiration! Especially with the boosters

  25. That head peaking over the top of a hill would scare the shit out of me

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