1. Nothing wrong with it at all. There’s an entire museum in Dublin dedicated to helping you learn more. Just go to Ireland & be humble, I swear you’ll have the best time of your life. It’ll be grand

  2. The first step is to acknowledge that you are an American of Irish descent. Not Irish. Then realise that everything that you were told by family and American friends is either rubbish or hopelessly out of date. Ireland has undertaken a complete revolution in religious, economic and political situation. Most have stopped looking backwards and now look forwards to the future. Start reading good balanced Irish history books by respected historians. Not trite accounts with obvious biases.

  3. Do you have any authors/ historians you'd recommend?

  4. Sorry I wasn't implying y'all are backwards!! I've just heard from friends/ family that the beer is better than usual

  5. Red lemonade sounds interesting 😯 never heard of that before

  6. I'll assume you're asking because you want to customize one in some way, probably to put a logo in it.

  7. Thank you for the resource! having a vector option going to SUPER helpful when I eventually launch them

  8. QR codes can be pretty much customized. Here is a set of amazing works:

  9. these are really cool! I definitely use them as an inspiration!!

  10. Have we really reached the point where we think anyone cares what a QR code looks like?

  11. yea i dont expect a cody to understand why

  12. A long time ago I worked IT at a highschool. For an event we created a website and generated a QR code for students to easily access it. We hooked up a projector to a laptop and projected it on to a big blackboard that was in the main hallway. We then used different colors of chalk to trace the QR code onto the blackboard. It was up for a couple of months and of course the kids would bump into it, or otherwise mess with it a bit. After a while it was pretty blurred and missing big chunks, but still worked just fine.

  13. That sounds really cool! good to know if the QR code gets damaged a bit it can still work

  14. I'm not sure about Vuforia's pricing these days, but they have a much nicer looking equivalent of QR codes.

  15. well thats what inspired my question! I used to vuforia a lot back in the day, but it had it limitations

  16. Wow thank you so much for the resource!!

  17. I want to have QR codes that link to specific pieces of artwork on my website. Ideally each artwork will have its own QR code design.

  18. I want to have QR codes that link to specific pieces of artwork on my website. Ideally each artwork will have its own QR code design.

  19. I want to have QR codes that link to specific pieces of artwork on my website. Ideally each artwork will have its own QR code design.

  20. I want to have QR codes that link to specific pieces of artwork on my website. Ideally each artwork will have its own QR code design.

  21. I'll forever associate Dedede voice with that voice actors performance hahah

  22. There’s the daily anti catholic post. Nice.

  23. Aren't Catholics the only ones that acknowledge Saints? The rest of the Christian denominations don't follow it I believe

  24. Yoooo this looks so cool!! I wanna make animations like this

  25. This looks so good! Did you follow any tutorials?

  26. Not sure the truth of it, but heard "the luck of the Irish" was originally a derogatory phrase — as in, if an Irish person did something well, the idiot must've got lucky cause there's no way he did it on purpose (like stopped clock is right twice a day, type thing)

  27. Learn something new about my ethnicity everyday

  28. Woah these are so cool! I want to make art like this one day

  29. My 2 cents might not be what you're looking for since i'm not in the industry, but I do have a similar background as you so I wanted to comment!!

  30. Yeah it seems like 3D skills is not enough, you also need to be familiar with unreal/unity and maybe have some tech skills as well. This is why I am where I am now

  31. I wonder if the industry is just too young to warrant to hiring people exclusively for design. When I hear people talk about the VR industry it reminds me a lot of how people talked about the video game industry in the 80s/90s. Like a lot of staff focusing on code and the design is on the back burner. Which make sense I guess 🤷‍♂️ the game has to work before it looks pretty

  32. I've wanted to make one so bad tbh 😂 I gotta figure out how to rip the episodes form HBO

  33. I wanted to do Pierrick's gameboy tutorial before I starting his Alive Animation course. I think I'm on a better footing to start the course now!!

  34. I'd return it. If that isn't an option, I would not use heat. getting it hot enough to make a difference in bending would almost certainly ruin the picture. I guess I'd try to gently bend it. Maybe pliers with a cloth, or try clamping the small part between two pieces of wood (with a cloth to protect the pic), and gently bending it . I doubt you'll get it back to perfect, but you can probably get it to a point that it is acceptable.

  35. If I use pliers to bend it back, would you suggest I use a mallet to gently hammer out any of remaining creases? Someone else suggested a similar technique expect using a dowel to roll it out. Do you think that would help? I'm nervous it won't help much if the metal is cold

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