1. Teddy is beautiful! I'm curious for Teddy ever has issues, infections, with his ears since they don't stand up..

  2. he used have frequent ear infections but his vet believes they were caused by a chicken allergy that we diagnosed earlier this year (he also had itchy skin and chronic digestive upset). once switching him off chicken based foods his ears have been far less stinky and itchy, and all his digestive issues have resolved

  3. That's great! I want to add a little girl to our home. UT both her ears are down and I worry about infection because it's bound to stay damp in her eara.

  4. good hygiene helps a lot! plugging her ears with cotton balls (i rip them in quarters to really fit his ears) when giving baths and making sure her ears stay plucked helps keep things airy and dry. teddy isn't a fan of ear cleaner so instead i have his groomer pluck his ears

  5. don't use ai. photoshop has its own content aware tool that can afford you a few inches without uploading a photo of children to a website that will inevitably use their image to teach their ai to recognize human faces without their or your consent and sell that information to god knows who else. ai is fun but too many bad players are using it for basically evil

  6. i don't want to be a stick in the mud but i would not recommend feeding AI programs photos of real people and especially children, especially especially not other people's children. we don't know what kind of black mirror stuff ai might be used for in the near future. facial recognition and stuff. it's really sad to think that such an incredible tool is being used for evil

  7. Ok, not even being a smartass, this kid is paralyzed blind deaf and nonverbal. How are they socializing? If that was me or my family I would want them to get socialization too, but what is the best way to do that?

  8. well how deaf are they? how blind are they? how nonverbal are they? how paralyzed are they? these are all things they can exist on a spectrum, especially deafness in my experience. my brother can hear very well with good headphones and very close speaking

  9. i met my ex girlfriends kids within the first month of meeting her. both kids under 7. we spent the day at lego land and they were both cool. they knew i was their moms girlfriend, and i was in their lives for about 4 years without being a stranger or being their second mom. i dont see anything wrong with it

  10. You don't see it as a big deal because it worked out as a long term relationship. You can't bring people in and out of your kids' lives like that. Most will not be around long.

  11. maybe she was serious about him? or only interested in having a long term relationship? not everyone is into fwb flings and short term situationships. i know im not

  12. personally i think using that peachy pink as a binding would make it really pop

  13. teddy has always been very slim his whole life, going from 3 pounds at 11 months to hovering around 5 pounds for most of his adult life. he had so many tummy issues that we just couldnt get to the bottom of. this year we found a wonderful vet who diagnosed him with IBD and put him on a new diet + monthly treatment plan. its been a long uphill battle with many sleepless nights begging him to eat but one day something just clicked for him and he began eating twice as much as he used to. now he weighs 7.5 pounds and has never been happier.

  14. I’d love to hear about your experience with IBD. My dog also has this, she’s on a prescription diet along with other medication to treat it. What treatments/medications is be on?

  15. prescription diet was the main part, but we were instructed to supplement with probiotics (vet gave us purina fortiflora, i used profivex now as a cheaper alternative) monthly b12 injections, and entyce as needed for flareup days. he had a malabsorption panel done that showed he was struggling to absorb b12 from his food so they prompted us to begin b12 therapy. at first the vet gave us colbalequin chews but they didnt have any effect after two months so we switched to an injection schedule and thats where i really saw an increase in energy and appetite. since being on this routine teddy has had so much energy and minimal episodes of diarrhea and vomiting, theyve been reduced to about once or twice a month instead of every day. we're lucky to be able to stay off steroids this far.

  16. I'm legitimately extremely happy for you but also jealous because right now I'm in the thick of it with my English Springer Spaniel Roxy. She has lost too much weight for my comfort, from 46 to 39 pounds. :( I made a post about it if you're interested... I'm just reading about personal experiences on reddit trying to figure out what our next steps might be if the food I'm transitioning her onto doesn't go well... we are on day 3 of 7 switching her from chicken and rice to Purina EN and we are still having issues.. I just want her stabilized! Hearing you got your dog stable is really encouraging

  17. i don't want to scare you but it was definitely a long uphill battle. and we definitely had our ups and downs. lots of expensive tests and hospital stays, i really thought i was gonna lose my little guy. hes a yorkie so dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting can be a death sentence, as well as hypoglycemia from not eating because of the nausea. we had a lot of close calls. as you can tell by the timestamp of my first message its been awhile since we started but the results have been so worth it, my Teddy has never been healthier or happier in his whole life, and he's almost 6. my advice to you is to just hang in there. also, if you have a picky eater, give salmon oil a try. its very calorie dense so it should help Roxie put back on pounds as well as make the kibble smell more enticing. it has no protein content in it so theoretically it should be safe to give to a dog with suspected protein allergies. good luck to you and your dog and feel free to reach out again if you need someone to talk to

  18. I feel like it has definitely been a drawn out battle. All of this got bad in mid September and it's definitely been a drawn out process... Roxy is an English Springer so she is a medium sized dog, not as terrifying like with a little dog. We've already paid over a thousand in tests and there were a few days in there I was sure she had bowel cancer and she was going to die. The ultrasound was normal, but the 500 dollars it cost was 100% worth it to know she doesn't have cancer.

  19. the thing with food allergies is that they can develop over time, so its not unusual for Roxy to have become sensitive to the diet she's been on for her whole life. it does take a few weeks for the diet to show results though, sometimes the allergic response can be delayed by weeks. Teddy had a delayed response occur after 4 weeks of strict dieting. its utterly frustrating and i totally understand how you feel. i also went through weeks of getting no sleep and just feeling constantly terrified to leave him unsupervised. i ended up needing to seek therapy/medication for myself because his health gave me anxiety and my own body started shutting down from stress. I really really hope that things get better for the both of you, im rooting for you guys

  20. i hate being expected to come out of the closet. no one is entitled to my deepest personal identities. straight people don't have to come out as straight. i refuse to come out just out of spite

  21. Online dating doesn't help. Unsolicited dick and asshole pics are common and disgusting.

  22. its annoying from the lesbian side as well. im a shy lesbian who has never met another lesbian in person in my entire life (whoever said california was teeming with gays was lying) so i had to resort to dating apps. Bumble, Tinder, and Her. i scrolled through profiles for weeks and was only able to find women looking for hookups, casual dating, straight women looking to experiment, straight women looking for a 3rd with their boyfriend, or just straight up cishet men sometimes. i just wanted to meet a cute girl and see how a few dates went, but all i was offered was sex. i want a serious girlfriend, not a fuck buddy

  23. My Yorkie has a chicken allergy too, but is fine with turkey (we had a DNA allergy test for her to figure out what was causing her skin irritation) She got her share of regular and smoked turkey and loved every bit. I make sure not to give her the skin though, it has too much fat and can cause pancreatitis if given in excess, something easy to do with our little buddies.

  24. my yorkie did a 3 month diet trial to diagnose his allergy because i heard that dna tests were unreliable, particularly for digestive based symptoms because he had frequent diarrhea and vomiting. we never got a chance to properly do the exposure phase of the trial because he found a discarded chicken leg on the sidewalk while on a walk, held it in his mouth for just a second before i took it from him and the next day he was fighting for his life in the er for a whole long weekend :( we just took that as a hard yes and since switching his primary protein source hes been healthy as a horse. since then weve found that he can safely have pork and all the fish proteins that dogs can have like salmon and sardines and whitefish.

  25. Sugar free cranberry sauce? Please be sure there are no artificial sweetners in it.. Some are toxic..

  26. it was homemade just for him! basically just a couple smushed cranberries 😂

  27. I would be offended that I sewed on BINDING and you then undid that. Please, binding takes so much time….

  28. if it means anything, some coat patterns use a lot of the preexisting binding lol

  29. Why not quilt the individual pieces of the coat as you make the coat? That way you don't have to cut up a finished quilt and you can ensure that the design complements the coat pattern.

  30. im new to quilting, the kinds of quilts i like (and would want to make into a jacket) are a little too advanced for me at the moment. as for garment making im a lot more experienced, which is why i want to give it a try with a finished quilt. i know there are people who sell second hand quilts with damage for this purpose but i just havent come across one i like enough yet.

  31. my adult yorkie eats about 55g a day and weighs 7 pounds. i would agree with bumping your pups up to 100g. as you know they should eat twice their adult weight, so 100g of kibble plus the same amount of treats should be plenty if youre expecting 5kg or more as an adult

  32. she totally has a classic yorkie face for sure

  33. whenever i make my bed my yorkie climbs all the way on top of my stack of pillows and sleeps looks so uncomfortable but he still does it lol

  34. while we're on the topic, how does sitting on a wobbly washing machine during the spin cycle feel good? i've tried it and i just feel like i'm sitting on a cold hunk of metal. i don't understand how any part of my anatomy could realistically make contact with the machine in a way that should feel remotely sensual

  35. no. you would just turn into human soup. and then after awhile you would turn into human soup powder

  36. meh. my brother and his wife just had their gender reveal party. it was just a normal ass dinner with them and his wife's family and all we did was sit around a paper ghost decoration (it was halloween) and they light up an led light that was underneath the ghost to make it pink. stuff that's cute and simple like that is really nice. and if their kid decides they're not a girl someday then that's fine

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