1. Because his troops liked him. They were sad when he was relieved of command, thus he was the greatest of all time. Some say he cared so much for the lives of his soldiers that he rarely ordered his men to battle to spare their lives.

  2. Bro has that 97 rebound stat for like a 69 overall player

  3. I'm currently using fav lance and 4p BS and I'm getting 2800 atk. Should I switch to 2p + 2p to get over the 3k atk threshold?

  4. Hmm, I would probably switch from the 4p BS to a 4p Noblesse. If you already have a noblesse user, then the 2p attack sets would work better. 4pc BS isn't that effective for a support Shenhe. However if you are running a DPS shenhe, the 4p BS works.

  5. I'm running her in ayaka freeze with Mona and kazuha. Currently, Mona is holding noblesse. Do u think I should have shenhe hold noblesse instead?

  6. oh, if Mona is holding Noblesse, just go for the 2pc 2pc attack sets. But if you have a really good BS set, it might not be worth switching. 2pc2pc > BS for shenhe, but substats are important

  7. It’s possible, I typically roll with 175ish ER, but I could have 200+, but that’s at the sacrifice of like 100 crit value, so I’d rather have 175 ER with those additional crits. Attack sands and CQ, I do have a xiphos r3 in the team so that helps a bit.

  8. beautiful! The other time you cosplayed shenhe was great too lol

  9. I'm posting as someone who wants to enjoy P5 discussion but is rather saddened by the state of the sub right now. I don't know whether I'm the best pick for a moderator or not, but I know it's not a pleasant job and finding people who are right for the position can be difficult, so I thought I'd at least offer my time you feel it would be beneficial to the community.

  10. This guy here sounds like he has what it takes, so long as he’s able to pull the trigger when necessary.

  11. I could potentially help. I’d be in the category of small amounts of time daily. Though first I would need to know what you want allowed and not allowed. You can reach out to me through message if you want to discuss further.

  12. yea im the opposite. I found BECON not too bad, but I actually used my annual drop for OPMGT strategically because I put too many difficult classes in 1 quarter. I still got like a 3.4 on it the next time I took it, but it shows that it's not easy by any means. I'm also NOT a math guy

  13. I took OPMGT in the summer because the prof condensed the class so they let us take open book tests lol.

  14. Legit, that’s the way to do things. Summer classes are almost always a bit chiller and relaxed.

  15. That actually sounds pretty good, sure it outperforms catch r5?

  16. Test complete, the Callamity Queller is indeed stronger than the catch. most catch normal attacks ranged from 1000-2200, and the burst hit 36k first srike, and then varrying amounts from 3-5k after.With the Callamity Queller, normal attacks ranged from 1300-3000, burst hit 45k on first strike, with other attacks varying from 4-8k

  17. i'm going to test this right now, I'll answer back when I find out

  18. are people going to bring in their own trees?

  19. Oh man, I love Harry Potter! Isn't this scene from when he broke free from the Matrix?

  20. I always knew Harrison ford would be in the gryffindor house

  21. I love how the photo chosen for Marcus Morris was him getting beat on defense

  22. Morgana: “thank goodness Ren you’re already dating Haru, that means Lady Ann is all mine, Right?”

  23. This is why whenever I go harem route, I always date Ann on Valentine’s Day to rub it in his face

  24. I can't read the name Kwoka without thinking about a cuddly little koala type animal lol

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