1. They bring back wings, but I can’t get a Double Decker Taco?

  2. Double decker taco is all I want back, I don’t even need the Beefy Crunch anymore as my mind has all but forgotten it’s glory.

  3. It should stack afaik, but they stopped honoring the 10% off for online purchases, which is even more of a bummer.

  4. Yep, this is exactly it - B&N Membership doesn't give 10% off online anymore, you just get the shipping benefits. A few years back they cut the online discount because they started pricing the books online to try and keep up with Amazon, but the prices in-store aren't set up that way so you still get the discount.

  5. I believe the stratagems are going to be an entirely new set, released in the arks books, but my understanding could always be wrong.

  6. Strats, relics, and traits I believe - we can theorycraft lists in advance but we don’t really know yet the costs or options.

  7. Feeling the same on the Chaos side - I main Thousand Sons and love how I could bring Daemons / Chaos Knights / Abaddon / any mix of these that my CP allows and just go wild. If the preview for TSons is complete and we can only bring Tzeentch Daemons, it's kind of a bummer that my Knights and Abaddon will no longer be able to pile in as options.

  8. arent the rubrick marines our synergy?

  9. Only in 40k, post is definitely about Sigmar based on the units OP mentions.

  10. TurboDork metallic glaze on top of your main color is life. Love that extra sparkle.

  11. I own a 3d printer and i'll be honest, sometimes it's just better to buy. I only buy from local shops though.

  12. Yep, pretty much this. I love my printer and it’s dope, but I really only use it for insanely priced things (FW) and, more often, cool alternate designs. If something is too close to the original, eh, better to just buy.

  13. It's how I started! And I haven't bought too much since then, so it's basically where I'm at, haha. Only thing to note is that all of the Greenwing units are on the wrong base sizes, so you'll need to put those on 32mm instead of the ones they come with.

  14. Honestly, they were my first faction as well and I was only playing for a few months before our 9E Codex came out and I had to re-learn a bunch of stuff. It was definitely tougher to get going than it was for my friends that played more straightforward factions. It probably took until I was playing every single week for a few months before everything really clicked and I knew what was up.

  15. Wellp, I was already planning on doing a full Loyalist Thousand Sons "counts as Grey Knights" army, so uh...I'll be stealing this one. What an amazing conversion, I love it.

  16. I only just realised he has a 1 eye option in his current kit.

  17. I've been planning to do one of these for a while and then to run Blue Magnus as a Lord of Change proxy - the upcoming Thousand Sons Battleforce is about to give me my second Magnus...

  18. It's Vallejo, you will see an initial small shipment then no restock for a year. They have been the WORST brand with keeping stuff on shelves for the past 3 years now. May be different in your area, but availability is one of the best qualities a product can have.

  19. One of my buddies primarily uses Vallejo Panzer Grey to prime models with, and it’s been out of stock everywhere for months. Still listed on Vallejo’s site as in production, but who has it? No American source that we can find.

  20. Definitely a repackage into the new red bordered 3E boxes. Lumineth are going through the same thing.

  21. It does! It also has a trophy rack of skulls, so three back options.

  22. It’s an awesome kit - different heads / tail tops / shoulder badges for each Chaos god and Undivided, it’s great. Makes me want to get five, as insane as that would be 🤣

  23. All good. Tamiya putty is easier than all those, tho. (no mixing or sticky stuff)

  24. Tamiya putty is life, surprised it doesn’t come up more often, especially when so many have moved to Tamiya for cement.

  25. Can't wait for the USD price to be 200 plus even though the currency exchange rate is nearing 1 to 1

  26. USD price is $210 according to my LGS, so yep. Kind of a bummer but also totally expected, and still a savings when compared to our normal prices.

  27. The roster data still gets updated. The app itself does not. 2 seperate parties, the data authors and the app dev.

  28. Pretty sure they meant the official AoS app, which I think isn’t being updated until the official release, which kinda sucks.

  29. Probably my biggest tip that hasn’t been mentioned yet - snag the Khorne Daemons Combat Patrol that released recently. You’re probably gonna want to soup in demons at some point, and no matter what’s in the new codex, the demons codex is already out so that’s a known factor.

  30. You can just blend tomatoes and add them to your rice instead of using salsa. It's an easy and fresh option.

  31. This is how I always do it, and then I cook it all in a covered pan rather than a pot. Comes out perfect, though obviously more work than using salsa.

  32. The one that always gets me is The Poky Little Puppy. First of all, the puppies seem to exclusively eat dessert for dinner (what?) but more importantly, it’s basically two episodes back to back with opposing messages.

  33. I did Pallid Bone SpeedPaint on top of White Scar primer, insanely easy and I think it nails the look.

  34. Oh you are probably on to something. I just want a chance to get a couple models before the ebay scalpers get to it. Which is the main reason I don't have them to begin with 😑

  35. I feel that for sure, I'm new to Warmahordes entirely and wanted to get the preview group just to try things out but the last time they went up they sold out so fast, so I'm trying not to miss.

  36. God speed my friend! I hope your day proves fruitful.

  37. It's been absolutely wild to see PJ's go from being a step above the other chains to basically dominos in such a short time. I haven't had it in awhile but I suspect it's even worse than dominos at this point.

  38. This is really interesting for me because I definitely prefer Domino's over Pizza Hut or Papa John's (though I used to love PJ, the ones by me *really* fell off).

  39. If you're in the US, Warpfire has them in stock right now for $127.50.

  40. Not much new to add, I got these to primarily use for decoration and then also use for the intended purpose…they are terrible. They melt weird, waxy, don’t taste good. The normal ones are way better.

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