How hammerhead toes are repaired

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  1. We are their reality TV and they don't want to mess up whatever next, more idiotic thing we might do.

  2. Manager discourages it unless you are asm or him. I look from time to time when he's on lunch.

  3. Nah. Just likes to have control. He's the kind of manager that will tell you to stock a shelf when you're already standing there with a box of tape in hand. It's annoying, but not suspicious.

  4. At least she's not asking you what color you'd like for her project.

  5. The old real estate adage. Location, location, location. Used to live in Logan proper and got maybe 5-10 a year. I now live in a neighborhood in Smithfield where I get 200+.

  6. When I'm putting away brushes posts like this cross my mind, but I just can't see myself opening enough brushes to find one.

  7. I was able to find a solution from the starter guide that came with the earbuds. Essentially turn off your Bluetooth, then remove both earbuds from the case (make sure they're powered on). Then press the button of BOTH earbuds 4 times. The lights on both should flash red/blue indicating that they're resyncing. Once both flash blue together 4 times, then it was successful. Once you turn back on Bluetooth and reconnect, they should be working. This is what worked for me. Hopefully, this helps!

  8. Thanks. You're more helpful than the company website.

  9. This is the Plot of Castle Swimmer, this is literally the Plot of Castle Swimmer

  10. The slanted shelves are the same as the flat ones. They are just hooked in differently. You might already have what you need.

  11. This is the most likely answer, but you still need the wire part that keeps stuff from sliding off.

  12. Run a small repair shop like every town used to have. Just sit all day at my workbench tinkering while watching main street foot traffic walk by.

  13. It's a travesty that more people don't even know what a provisional ballot is. This should be shouted from the rooftops before every election.

  14. I show threads like this to my SM when he asks why I'm not interested in moving up to ASM.

  15. Old Chinese curse (apparently, so they say, who knows):

  16. Maybe I chose the wrong word. Still can't quite find the right one. Not boring, full, novel, challenging. Something between all those.

  17. I feel what you are saying. I have felt the same since decades before I admitted to myself that I was an atheist. It was a dread that would keep me up for hours in the dark staring at the ceiling. The argument that I wasn't aware before I was born didn't really help.

  18. This looks like the company logo for a new tech start up.

  19. Why are vaccinated people scared of unvaccinated?

  20. I'm not scared for myself. I'm scared for my cousin with a kidney transplant and my grandfather with cancer.

  21. Seen this video many times, but I have to watch it several times each time it hits my feed.

  22. I actually like doing these and the planograms. My manager lets me put in an earbud so I can listen to a book or podcast and I just zone out and get them done.

  23. I actually remember this set in a catalog when I was a kid. If I remember correctly it was like a subscription. You got one piece in the mail every couple of weeks and paid for each individually. It stuck in my head for being a ridiculous way to buy a chess set.

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