Zelenskyy calls for 'strong reaction' from the UN after Russian bombs left millions of Ukrainians without heat and water in below-freezing temperatures: 'We expect the reaction of friends — not just observers'

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  1. Do you have examples of previously "legitimate" governments becoming authoritarian?

  2. the one who founded the concept of a republic. Rome.

  3. it's not decentralized when any avenue i go through to purchase it requires my social security number due to the US government wanting to tax whatever possible capital gains i receive from it

  4. is this a new one? cuz i found this when searching it up i still strongly disagree with this bill, but feel like the headline might be slightly misleading from the AP:

  5. Tbf if the age gap would be reduced to 5 years it would be a good bill. Just anothe romeo and juliet bill. Plenty of stories of 19yos who dated 16yo and are now registered sex offenders for life. But in this case it would also apply to 24 year olds fucking 14 year olds? Yeah that's a big no.

  6. "interested in dating sometime?" bro don't phrase it like that.

  7. I am the "good girl" that didnt do clubs at all in my 20s. And I can tell you, that still didnt help find a husband😅 Also, a lot of those who settled at 20 are now divorcing in their early 30s. This pick is me is tripping.

  8. Although I would like to, such an unforseen charge has not been taken into consideration for my monthly budget.

  9. does ur budget not include X amount for savings?

  10. Now if you two don't mind, I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another clever idea to get us killed or worse...banned.

  11. i lucked out my job scheduled me off that day🙏🏽

  12. Watched a stream and recorded 20 min . The 20 min a saw it looked great no bugs or glitches

  13. do they ever do this in the states? imma try it out tomorrow

  14. My dudes and dudettes, this looks so sick. Also heard from another Youtuber that he destroyed the bridge in the mission with the explosive barrel (bridge right before the tent) and he could use reparo on it because he thought that would work. And it fricken did. HYPE IS UNREAL.

  15. it was jackfrags video if you wanna check it out

  16. they all have aspects one can look up to. if you base ur opinion off of black and white perfection, ur living in a fairy world. Taking bits and pieces of good while acknowledging the bad of each individual is okay. one can even make an argument the worse person can be the best role model because they show u who not to be.

  17. if that's what it's called then yes, and not sure. i know he was danish, german, and irish. supposedly our family used to own/come form the kronborg castle in denmark. his fathers side was named "Krone" before coming to the states. not sure if that was just a tall tale he told my grandma or reality

  18. Did you try a reverse google image search?

  19. hey i appreciate the response! but i never have had luck w that in any area i've used it in. besides not sure if it's spot on enough to see the small crest on a ring and find a graphic similar to it.

  20. And if that turns out to not make them all white men?

  21. then that's fine? like i said, their merit is more important than their race

  22. Never mentioned violence on anyone.

  23. threat of violence is implied for taxation. the same as a mafia stiff arming a shop for "protection" money if they want to stay in business.

  24. Well, if you want to run a small government, you must pay your due to the surfs.

  25. run a small government? what sub do you think ur in lmao? abuse of workers? Do they all have Stockholm syndrome? for whom and where u work is ur own personal choice. wealth is not a pie it's created. someone's gain is not someone's loss. amazons wealth is due to people like you and me deciding our money is worth the value they provide. they aren't stealing it. and those workers have decided their time is worth the pay and conditions. personal choice has been voided and ignored in ur argument

  26. turns out this cops wife was killed at the school. he was disarmed by the force for being one of the few who wanted to storm

  27. i agree it's gambling to an extent, but i don't understand why people can't make that decisions for themselves? i enjoy casually doing it and would hate for it be gone. we don't need to make ourselves the protectors of everyone when free will is involved. a warning is enough.

  28. that would be dependent on the faults. if they are faults based off of ideological principles then ofc they won't agree cuz ur morals and values are different. but if it's something based in reality and separate from ideological interference then that's something different

  29. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't elon musks net worth only go up because a bunch of people invested in Tesla and their company performed well? i don't see how he sells a product that would benefit him that much during a pandemic

  30. ur right because an enemy of the states wants their enemy to have an armed populace

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