1. Your batch 33% too? I had to put mine in a jar to keep the smell down and it still stunk up the house! Lol

  2. I disagree, I cough 95% less on Woodward compared to other pesticides out there!

  3. @jdub937 can you provide the best way you got a response from them? I just purchased switchberry with the same issue!

  4. I just picked some up as well for the first time. It seemed pretty dry compared to prior Woodward purchases. The effects also seem pretty "meh" to me. I want to add some humidity packs as well to see if it'll help some.

  5. It will definitely help, add one and your bud will be fresh within 24hours

  6. Awesome strain! This stuff's strong too. Vaped a bowl of this last night and ended up colonizing Mars.


  8. I went to about wellness, got sad that they were out of ICC, picked up this and was blown away!

  9. Grow Ohio is all garbage anyways I'm never buying nothing from them again



  12. I just bought a Mighty from dankriot!! Used a $94 off discount code. Used Sezzle and total it was $269!!

  13. It is vsmighty on dank riots site. Input at checkout! Cheers!

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