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  1. I pug it on multiple characters and have never rly struggled, at all

  2. Guild runs = run far away especially for ulduar and ulduar “clean up” runs. I locked myself in some 10m ulduar run the other day, they said clean up and they can clear. Nope, wasted a couple hours wiping on fucking general guy

  3. Dude 6hrs downed 1 boss. Raid time at 8 but didn't make first pull till 8:45. Lots of discord chat clogging the lines. Think I'll pug Uld from now on

  4. Preparation helps, if you know what you are going to level start checking AH for cheap gear to throw in the bank of that alt.

  5. You got your bowels from IKEA? Didn't know they sold those.

  6. For some reason I’m dying laughing at yhat⬆️

  7. Also the target being summoned must be in the level range of the stone. So you can't summon a 80 to the deadmines stone, or a level 1 to halls of lightning, for example.

  8. I think they may have changed it so there is only a minimum requirement. You can actually summon an 80 to deadmines now

  9. Ahh cool. Thank you for clarifying that.

  10. Npnp it's weird that they changed it considering you get little to no XP when an 80 goes with the grp

  11. Two more beds mounted to the ceiling with kids strapped in and he could do a full windmill

  12. Damn, guess I'll get smoked again

  13. Did it with only the healer having decent gear. I was tanking (my 3400gs alt) and i just tanked it in the room before the boss room since it has a lot more space. Just taunted it when he jumped and kept running around with him constantly to avoid pools. Did it second try ez. U dont need THAT much damage to kill it

  14. Nexus is a breeze. It only takes one hit from anyone for them to disappear. A healer can even just hit them with their stick

  15. As a healer I'm having to put work in on certain adds to give the grp that extra chance of survival. It's fun

  16. They confused it with the "Ban All Bots" button, so they're having to go back and reinstate hundreds of thousands of accounts.

  17. lol, the father is actually my first tarantula I ever acquired. A very significantly small tarantula for his spiecies wich is Avicularia Avicularia. I am surprised he did not get eaten by my female

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