1. When it happens with someone related to you only then it will hurt I guess

  2. By saying this I don't want you to hate Muslims. Even I have muslim friends. But it's necessary to be aware about such targeted crimes.

  3. I know one thing because of this so called protecter of Hindus there would be lot of hate without any reason

  4. If everything is going wrong you still praying and keeping faith that is takwah or said belive it would pay off

  5. I met Arman Malik in infinity mall Malad took a photo embarrassing part was I wasn't remembering his song

  6. Islam was not made for modern world so they would always oppose it so they can bend rules however they want

  7. I just want better public transport more trees around roads everywhere is that too much

  8. Hey bro don't call them freind secondly you can go to police station ask them nicely one call from them.would made them delte all of those

  9. Ha na bhai shadowban ka reason deke cope kar rahe hum straight bande

  10. Pepole don't realize how much pain they are causing to someone or even effecting life

  11. Exactly! For them it might be games and fun, but for her it’s a lifetime’s experience

  12. I know one thing tor sure every thing has to be paid Herr

  13. Is it me or anyone else feels when he was alive if pepole have loved or care 10 % what we have shown he would have been alive

  14. Without a doubt, that's why we all gotta work harder to treat people better when their here

  15. Sometimes it's just hard to explain this to other pepole

  16. Cycle lanes and bus lanes. So bus frequency can increase i would personally like getting bus rather then My bike

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