1. The orb can definitely be tippy, especially if used dry or with the whip. I still love it though. I have been thinking about making a cage.

  2. The mighty definitely works well for groups, you might need to pack it more than once for more than 2 people.

  3. After reading some of the other replies, I was actually thinking that using the mighty with a bunch of spare CUs or mouthpieces may work.

  4. You don't really need extra cooling units for on the go. You can get the dosing capsules and fill a bunch of them before you leave.

  5. Wow, this explanation makes no sense. 2% thc will get you as high as 25% if you smoke enough of it.

  6. I use cotton bacon in my Dynavaps. It works great, however I was wondering how many uses people get out of the same piece of cotton. I have noticed on like the 4th heat up with the same cotton it tastes burnt.

  7. I have had my wand for several months, I have only recently began to use it without the adapter. I now like my wand sooooo much more. 1 hit extraction through glass. I also just recently got glass. Until this setup I didn't understand people clearing it in 1 hit, it always took me atleast 3. This way it is easy and so good and smooth.

  8. Those jars are a crazy good deal. I picked up 2 today. The terpenes aren't as high as other stuff I got but still very good for the price.

  9. I think most logs you can leave on all the time, as long as the voltage is not set too high. I have a woodscents, I like it but the airflow is a little restricted.

  10. I have the TM and FW7. I like them both a lot, but it took me a long time to fully appreciate the TM. It isn't quite as amazing as people always make it out to be. The uneven roasting really got to me for awhile, now I just ignore it. It cooks it a lot more through a water pipe I've noticed. The FW7 although, I have been in love with since I got it. I agree with the other person who said the TM is good for a couple big rips at home. The FW7 is freaking beautiful, very well functioning, and VERY pocketable. It works so goddamn well, and it so easy to use. I find it much easier to pack on the go. The built in tamper is awesome! You can get really great hits. I find it hits best after it is warmed up a little but not too much. If I could only choose one it would definitely be my FW7.

  11. So basically how can I get this setup? I got the TM2 with the adapter , but Its seems like you have a cooling unit also on the TM side

  12. My WPA is kinda unique. The ones you can buy for the TM are probably nicer. This is just the end of a Starry Whip WPA stuck into the stock glass stem. I made a post here about it, you can click my profile to see.

  13. I'm FINALLY getting my wpa today. Guess I'm getting lit on a Monday

  14. I have had my Tinymight for months, this definitely stepped up the game. Seems like my ABV gets way darker.

  15. Where did you buy the starry WPA? I've been looking for it everywhere and can't find anything

  16. I picked it up awhile ago from POTV, it $15. There are better options for the TM if you don't already have one of these laying around.

  17. Not sure if this has already been discovered, also maybe doesn't work with every piece since glass can be slightly different. The end joint from my starry whip fits nicely into my stock stem. It is not a tight seal. It spins, but still seems to work well.

  18. How many are you expecting?! Also, triple flame is a little overkill for the Dynavap.

  19. Eh to each their own man no wrong way to dynavap unless you're combusting.

  20. Yes, it can. I'm not sure how long it is okay to leave it upside down on session though. I would think eventually it might cause problems because the heat it "rising" to the bottom.

  21. Check vapospy, I see a few sites have them in the $236 range. Not sure about shipping to UK, but some say free shipping just might not be international

  22. I'm sure you are right! I have never seen anyone showing any of them off though. Lol, I know someone has that 14k gold stem with the 24k MP, I want to see it!

  23. Ah yea the S&B handhelds. They are performing so good with vape production but I just canโ€™t stomach the plast-ickyness of them ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  24. Hmmm, I can understand that. It doesn't bother me at all but I could see having a problem with that. Lmao, love the word you made there "plast-ickyness"

  25. It sounds like you flooded the coil. I accidentally do this sometimes when I'm filling and I cover up the additional airhole. It sucks when they are flooded, I have some luck with blowing into the pod where you normally suck. Make sure it isn't connected to the mod of course.

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