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  1. What the hell did you do to get the MIB on you? You got classif documents or sum shit?

  2. After witnessing news on Ukraine, I’d have to say that forced military conscription and deployment sounds pretty horrific.

  3. People can wear shirts with guns at my school. Stuff with BLM same-sex marriage so im assuming they would allow this. At mine

  4. I would give 34% of this to my dad and mom, the rest is invest and save for me in the future when I need and live like I don't have a few hundred million

  5. I become Elon Musk's level of success and donate back to my parents. That's all I want just giving back to those who put me here.

  6. Me responding "Nah, I don't like that" so that it doesn't count at everyone loving just mostly everyone

  7. Getting shot at while taking your family on vacation and accidentally go down the wrong part of town

  8. I like to eat the skin off my fingers until the bleed, mostly occurs when I'm watching a movie I'm really into or just really fucking bored 😁

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