1. Can't upload images to the sub

  2. There's a challenge section, you can see every round, the opponents and winning cars. It's better than Mousetrap.

  3. He posts threads for every challenge/event with the rounds and people submit their winnings hands. Super useful before TDR.

  4. I knew that as I’ve been playing for around 1-2 years, but I meant like who actually is he? Is he a part of hutch? Is he here on Reddit as well?

  5. Yessir 😂. I late joined the previous finals so late that I missed it to server lag 💀

  6. Judging from your post history, did you spend gold on this? You went from 274 gold to 52 to 38.

  7. Refresh shop and pray for flywheels or summin?

  8. Did you end up getting the car ?!? This is exactly what happened to me, I ended up coming up 11 pr short on the final race. I was even setting alarms when I wasn’t at work to come on and play every 4.5 hours because I had 6 tickets and still came up short 🥲

  9. Concentrate on engine can do it

  10. Idk man. 7 hours left and I’m 8pr off the final race requirements

  11. Nah I got a dupe esprit gt3 or whatever it’s called. It’s the yellow 58rq one

  12. I really need to win this car to progress through the Campaign. My Ford Mustang RTR Hoonicorn is at 580 PR (I’m just on Chapter 10; the PR requirement is 585), and to get past the PR wall, I need to stage up the car and rebuild the parts.

  13. I late joined too late and the server didn’t let me into the multiplayer tab, so I got nothing 🥲

  14. L, thats what you get for late joining. Still sucks tho

  15. Update: Cash ceramic gave me this. Not too salty about missing the finals now

  16. My hand was terrible. A maxed epic, a 1 star epic, 2 maxed ultras, and a maxed super

  17. You should try to farm a lot more credits in the next SE during Days 1-3. Even after buying a lot of these necessary materials,I have nearly 250K of Credits left. Are u using the L2W method ?

  18. From what you see here, is there any chance that I might complete the entire event while spending little to no gold?

  19. What’s L2W? I haven’t been playing for that long. Took a break after my account got wiped of progress

  20. Wierd all i hear is Tune dona vide vide Tune dona vide vide Tune dona vide lavifuuuhr meeer

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