1. Nice! Koenigsegg looks like crap. Should sell for plastic packs. (hopefully you understand this is a joke, don’t sell legendaries)

  2. Just for reference, this was only about 50-60 days of saving. I wonder if I could go a whole year without opening a carbon or gold offer as an f2p player.

  3. No legends, crap rq73 bmw, useless and dupe ultras. What a waste of my gold. Didn’t buy the 7x because I bought both discounted 5x carbons because I thought I’d have better chances with at least 10 ultras or better. Disappointed

  4. That's the luck of the draw. The epic Lotus is really the only reason I'm not upset.

  5. Same, the BMW is low GC, 4wd, but it has an amazing photo like most of the new update cars

  6. You should go for a walk and feed some birds, its colder weather, winter in some places, and wild animals, such as birds, have harder time finding food.

  7. Ayo, that thing is cool. How did you manage to see all the times together?

  8. Ay I’m a pretty big gaslighter myself so u can keep it ykyk;)

  9. Has a nice pic tho. Otherwise, only “niche” (if any) being 4wd diesel convertible

  10. “AMG Line” which is when you pay 3k extra for Mercedes to put AMG trim and wheels on your base model A class with 0 performance upgrades

  11. Whatever. Point is, I personally thought this car should’ve been performance tires. I don’t mind it the way it is, and your cards still look nice, but I personally have a different opinion

  12. Dude this isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s literally a fact, it comes on all season tyres

  13. It's basically a Ford Passat. You have those, right?

  14. We get the Mondeo sedan, known to us as the ford fusion, but we never got this cooler estate variant. And yes, we get the Passat

  15. Congrats on getting the best car in the game for motor cross circuit

  16. That’s my other project car lmao… it’ll get it’s own post sometime soon enough

  17. BMW i4 has mad MRA. If I’m not mistaken, I believe I saw a post that showed something like 100 MRA with it, so. I might be completely crazy tho

  18. Just get the LS swap out of the way. Won’t have to worry about it later

  19. I’m saving. I remember last Black Friday had special update packs: European Revolution, GE, etc. These might return at a lower price, but they will not give out the cash or slots.

  20. I like the Alfa Romeo, but the BMW seems kinda garbo. Opinions?

  21. I genuinely don’t understand why this is a SR. It’s an awful car. MRA is a measly 47 which is one of the lowest for SR and it’s about as useful as a pencil sharpener for mechanical pencils. This could’ve been an amazing rare but no. I have it maxed 3/2/3 and it has 5.4 0-60 and 87 handling as final stats

  22. I believe that pack has a higher/different drop rate than normal ceramic packs. Might be wrong tho

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