1. … a composer and sound artist, who has no working sweat glands in his hands.

  2. “Amputate a man’s leg and he can still feel it tickling. Tell me Mom, when your little girl is on the slab where will it tickle you?”- Hannibal Lecter

  3. The Vaudeville band was my introduction to Zappa, when my dad gave me JABFLA when I was about 10, so I’ve always had a soft spot for them.

  4. Never heard the phrase Vaudeville era. I’m not up on the lore, ELI5 please?

  5. No probs! This lineup is sometimes called the Vaudeville Band, because like the old vaudeville acts of the early 20th century, there was a lot of spoken comedy banter, comic songs, silly routines…

  6. PC - I like the iPhone version but find it much harder to use than the computer version.

  7. It’s just a weird and brilliant film. I love it. Margot Kidder was a truly great actress

  8. Die Hard is our Christmas Eve film, but we did Krampus earlier in the month, and I did Black Christmas on my own the other night (wife not too keen on horror).

  9. Fun fact: before it was called “Goth” music, it was known as “Positive Punk”

  10. Black Christmas by Bob Clark as he's also the man behind Porky's and A Christmas Story not to mention Baby Geniuses.

  11. One of my favourite Christmas films, one of my favourite horrors, and one of my favourite slashers. Masterpiece.

  12. Christmas Eve: last bit of present wrapping, with a pork pie and HP sauce. Only now I'm vegetarian so I have several alternative pie options.

  13. It was a bit Guy Ritchie-ish for my liking, but I enjoyed it! Rather like Amsterdam, actually - with both films I went into them with very low expectations, so was pleasantly surprised.

  14. The father yelling at his daughter in Black Phone (2022). Not the same as most of the other comments, but it was definitely painful.

  15. Which “The Snowman?” The 2017 one? ’Cause that movie a) sucked, and b) is a crime drama, not a horror movie.

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