1. Nope. We are getting close now and im keeping my distance from now on. In 2 months i can isolate for a week and enjoy this masterpiece!

  2. I stedet for gør dette: Stop med porno og onani. Træn 3 gange om ugen. Spis sundere. Tænk positivt og omprogramer din underbevidsthed.

  3. Drik 2-3 liter vand om dagen. Lav intermittent fasting 16-8 eller 18-6. Skru ned på gaming og skærmtid. Cardio 2 gange om ugen. Ud af din komfortzone regulært. Cold showers. Wim hof øvelser. Meditation 10 min om dagen.

  4. Wise word, i'm sorry to say this but i really really doubt that you made a 142 days or even 30, you're not putting any effort to elaborate any idea or to try and to enlighten others in this sub. Good luck.

  5. This is for myself, im checking in to remind myself how far ive come and to keep pushing myself. Im still in flatline so i dont have much of a libido. 245 days is awesome man, good luck on your journey.

  6. So nervous fro the denmark game actually feel like im gonna throw up. Weve been poor so far i Think its a 50/50. Im a Dane btw.

  7. I had Denmark winning the group cause I expected a France collapse or squad in fighting. Denmark was disappointing

  8. This is a thread, I can comment on whatever I like mate

  9. No because you think it's cringe to celebrate winning a first world cup game in 12 years.

  10. You really think the world revolves around your OPINION dont you? Personally in my world view, i think its cringe af to celebrate a win over tunisia like you guys did, calling your team the socceroos, like to me thats just a huge disrespect to the sport. Its like you arent even on the same page as everyone else. Thats personally what i think. You can have your opinion, in your world i might be miserable, thats totally fine. We have different perspectives.

  11. People protest because the media tells them to do so. You might not realize it consciously but you follow whatever is highlighted by the media. Its mindboggling to me how much control they have. Gundogan and Hazard is spot on. Leave it be for now, dont take the flight if you are so much against the country its held in, and make sure to pressure fifa after the world cup to make sure its not happening again. You cant go to their country, play football, and then protest. People have lost the plot.

  12. Society doesnt care about Human rights ffs, they care about Money. Most People on the other hand do care about Human rights but they get deeply manipulated

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