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  1. Clearly a max verstappen fan taking a selfish with his orange flare.

  2. Long story for me. But at one point I bought a brake like sensor switch as my 2013 wrxs went bad. A month later it went to recall. I called for a refund and they said they would send me a check for the price of the part, but it took them a very long time to get it to me. So I called to ask for it's where abouts. The cust service rep was very nice on the phone (as was I), they ensured me the check was on the way and thanked me for my patiences. Then a couple weeks later I received a random package from subaru. There was Rayban sunglasses with subaru emblem etched in the one arm, a laser etched travel coffee mug and some stickers in the box. They didnt say they were sending me anything it just showed up. They do have some cool stuff they send out. Easily the best swag I have ever gotten from a company.

  3. Looks like the dashboard melted, but we still have the radio.

  4. Pressure wash it and spray it with a matte clear coat.

  5. Powering adapters are easy and work. Ran my pc off of them for years before moving when it was am easy cat 5 run.

  6. I used a middle tier set. Honestly could go months without issue, but yes. Thats why I made the switch when I could.

  7. I’m not opposed to this at all! I’ve never ordered but sometimes that really is the best way to do. And I would just bring them to a mechanic? Hmmm

  8. They have approved installers that they will send them too. So order them pick an installer then bring your car there when they arrive at the shop.

  9. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to select an installer through this website. Any tips?

  10. Sorry it been a while. I guess that is tirerack. My bad

  11. Just came here to laugh because of the troll shako on the ground.

  12. My wife and I love taking the kayaks there. Where did you drop in?

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