1. Rhodney is such a wasted character He could have been the anti DJ but nooo we had to make him fall in love with all the women

  2. I haven't seen anyone say that. But this arc is in need of some some casualties. Involving characters we actually know and care about unlike the war arc

  3. I guess Field group and just the overall designs? Like I look and I immediately think "Yea I can see those connected". For example I remember someone posting a line for Tapirmon which ended up with Goddramon as the mega and despite them having no connection I was still sold due to the similar head designs

  4. Hav'nt seen any hate. Don't know why. DBZA is the entire reason I got into the franchise

  5. Hell yes. Return of Twice and Sad Man's Parade (or should it Sad Girl Parade?) has been the moment I've been hyped for this whole arc

  6. Funny thing I've seen anime reactors going crazy asking what the hell Bakugo was doing when Shigaraki was aiming for Aizawa. Pretty big detail to cut out

  7. - I forgot which heroes were involved against Machia, but looking back yea Gang Orca and/or Fat Gum should had died here. Like who's really gonna be sad bout Majestic dying? Had it actually impacted Momo's character given she did her work study under him but otherwise it really doesn't have an impact had it been heroes we actually knew

  8. Are you talikng about AFO or Shigiraki? Cause the latter is significantly more powerful. For the former just give Aizawa a gun

  9. I think it was achieve space travel. Like 90% sure it was during their conversation about AFO after Stain

  10. I'm a manga reader and no. I still don't like him and at this point probably never will

  11. Never found him likable or enjoyable. Even were apparently "improves' I still can't stand his condescending and smug attitude.

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