1. Before you asked I commented on both of them so I just went to my commenting history and just copied and pasted

  2. Don’t stop mames Wey… I mean, no mames wweeeyyye

  3. My dad was 14 when this happened still to this day he tells it to me like it’s a bedtime story

  4. Bro you don’t even now he would tell me all about the historic games and when we both watched the Netflix doc he told me so much I’d make a history book

  5. They were on suicide watch for the 1978 copa Interamericana final between America and Boca Juniors

  6. Wait is olímpica even an a team in Argentina or is it a South American one I just assumed it an an Argentine team

  7. South American. They’re the biggest team in Paraguay

  8. Well shit I look like an idiot but let’s be honest Argentinians wanted them to win and we probably brought pain and suffering to them

  9. nah I'll just pirate the games I want, thanks. I'd happily pay MLS or TFC directly for game feeds (I dont want commentary tbh, I just want crowd audio). but I aint paying apple sheit.

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