1. Depends on where you’re asking for the opinion

  2. Its okay because we have Garlic. Garlic will help stop them.

  3. I get what they are trying to do with it, since you also unlock Phat Beet in this world. But when every special zombie completely negates garlic, why is it here? What good does it serve?

  4. It's quite easy to get through the game without paying a cent. I'm up to big wave beach day 18 (as far as I can go since the game crashes when I try playing at that level). I used power ups on only one level (I'm sure you'll find plenty who never used it for any levels) those are free since you get so many coins just by playing levels.

  5. This was CAA, so they would of only killed a couple town, and I was the only death as no one else wanted to protect the Jailor.

  6. Oh. CAA is generally not a good place to go on tplo requests due to Medusa existing

  7. Does anyone think the games would have connected flawlessly if I bought my run with gemstones?

  8. Ah, the only level where I said screw it and used power ups. Those stupid gargs at the end...

  9. Because I got suspended for doing the same thing as solo CL and I'm a huge supporter of equality

  10. I did something like this as SK and won. Tried it again as arso and lost and got reported and suspended. It was tragic

  11. That battlecry is not worth 2 mana, it'd be worth 1 mana (and honestly 1 would be not good still)

  12. Ga's purge works against Arso and Framer. It does no work against PB and HM.

  13. Daily reminder that downloading eclise is not paying the author of the game or anything.

  14. What are your thoughts on alterz and chronos? I only have eclise and reflourished (didn't like reflourished very much though)

  15. Don't mind me just counting how many times I see this get posted

  16. Sometimes when you're bad at the game it's nice to take a step back, look at some bad plays and think, "well, at least I'm not that stupid"

  17. His win wouldn't be nearly as controversial if he could just win that challenge imo

  18. It would still be quite controversial, since the fire making challenge being introduced in that same season would make people think tHeY riGgEd iT fOr BeN tO wiN

  19. Nah the challenge in question was the final immunity challenge for HvHvH so had Ben won it he would have won the season regardless of whether they had fire making challenge or not. Some people would still complain about certain idol placements but his win wouldn't be seen nearly as poorly had it not been for that upside down U imo.

  20. There would still be speculation that they added that fire making thing in Incase Ben lost.

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