1. IKEA has perfect sieves. They have one with larger mesh for first sieve, and one with slightly smaller holes for second sieve

  2. Is sieving twice the way to go? I haven't started learning too much about it yet other than the little bits that were in the stuff I watched while learning to wash

  3. I have some retro illadelph stuff.. I owned an OG coil exactly like the one in the picture, but you should know it barely functioned

  4. Cant wait to hash these girls up. Comically small buds but lots of frost and profile is smelling mouthwatering. Jar tests in a week or so

  5. I doubt it actually. And if it is, fill it up and soak it again.

  6. I use zep too, it works great. There are certain stains it wont remove though. Once the piece dries they reappear..

  7. Im thinking you’d use the top as some sort of “hot wand” and get that hot and have the hash in the bottom?

  8. Thats what I thought but then I considered how tf do you torch the top lol

  9. You can kill them all overnight and their eggs, recipe on my profile

  10. You need the right temperature. Cart is really bad at that job

  11. I recently saw someone washing their bags in some kind of chlorox? This was after they were already cleaned with 99% iso. The water turned black with a ton of grime the iso couldn’t remove.. made me think

  12. I have the same inkbird, its awesome. What are you connecting to yours?

  13. Some strains sure are delicate if they’re washed as fresh frozen immediately. Have you ever tried a partial dry after harvest, like a day or two max? Ive found it stops a lot of chlorophyll from leeching into the water/hash for some strains, and lets you wash it for much longer. Nice work btw fuck these haters

  14. I just use a torch to pre heat it. 45 seconds of heat and then ~2 min cool down for this banger

  15. 45-159u here melting down just fine, but next time I want to try out 73-159u

  16. My eyes see over transpiration. This can happen if they’re simply losing water faster than they can uptake. Could hint towards a root issue or could be excessive airflow/temperature

  17. Sulfur is important for resin production. Hmm you should do some side by side testing

  18. I didnt see anyone mention in the comments yet, but the Kasa smart plugs are reliable af

  19. Have couple temple balls of this stuff curing atm. The pheno I got was gassy AF.

  20. I did originally post a picture of it with my comment. Looks like mods deleted it 😂

  21. Looks melty! Seems the profile gets gassier (and greasier) the longer you flower them, nice work. I definitely opted for an early harvest to be safe

  22. I love this. Are you trying to keep them in veg with the lights?

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