Only gay men are allowed to wear makeup??

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  1. We're not gonna talk about the "all conservatives are bad people" comment on the top?

  2. Some people know what they want. And clearly she didn’t want him. That’s okay. Matching with someone on tinder isn’t signing a marriage certificate, if you’re not compatible, move on.

  3. Well not saying she's right but you did come off kind of an ass. But then again it could've been playful. Need more context

  4. The difference is tinder isn't for looking at cool cars or guns or cat videos. It's for sex and relationships.

  5. This might sound crazy but maybe it's used as a tool made of metal not a delicate knick-knack

  6. Nah I've put 3 thousand rounds through mine. Thrown it in mud and sand, racked it off tables and shit and never had scratches that bad on the top of the slide.

  7. If it loosens you tap rivet with hammer and they tighten right up

  8. Okay so the blade with a dull spot from hitting the handle can stay tight. 1 out of 3

  9. if you put a little piece of cork or leather in handle it becomes a non issue and they don't really fall out

  10. And still with mods you have a soft steel that won't perform near as well as anything in the same price range

  11. Nah cause I'm out here just humoring myself at this point

  12. How is it weird? She's just being funny and playful. Personally the guy is being kinda bland

  13. Update. Swiped over to the next picture. Yea idk personally you were playing well and then the guy was Maybe playing maybe just being a bit weird. Not everyone's good at smooth casual conversation

  14. That's a knife. If your asking blade shape. That's a clip point. If your asking what type. It's a folding knife or hunting knife. If your asking what type of lock it's a lock back.

  15. My dad carried the AFO 1 for 20 years. Used it for everything. Finally the spring broke and then we became Benchmade dealers so he bought another knife. GLWS

  16. Idk I drive for FedEx and bottle piss every day. It's not ideal but more ideal than driving 10 minutes to a gas station

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