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  1. Ok, Ive rewatched this video more times than I care to admit and maybe im stupid, but can you point out exactly where her bone structure changes? It looks like the same woman to me just heavily made over, both videos are even taken in the same room.

  2. It looks like the ‘pretty’ girl has a more pointed chin, imo

  3. After watching it even more times, I can guarantee that the only reason it looks that way is because she forces a doublechin in the first video.

  4. I am certainly no expert in this thing and am happy to believe that you are correct

  5. An informal poll: I have never seen an Obama sticker on a US car make. Those folks either don’t realize, or just don’t give a flip about the American worker!

  6. You do know that an enormous amount of Toyata, nissan, and Hyundai cars are built in the US by American workers? I am not a democrat btw

  7. Not only are you foolish, but you have no sense of grammar either.

  8. There are many positive masculine traits: strength ( not just physical), confidence ( but not arrogance), courage, leadership. Pick one and be intentional about showing more of that trait.

  9. Be the one who investigates the sound in the middle of the night. Step in between the vicious dog and the scared person. Protect the person who absolutely cannot protect themselves. Being brave often means that you consciously put someone else’s welfare above your own

  10. How can anyone have the mindset that they think it is ok to trade their dignity for truly worthless internet likes? 😢

  11. How about trading their dignity for cash? This is reuploaded from a paysite. She's been a model for over a decade now.

  12. It went from ‘unlikely’, to ‘never gonna happen’

  13. Robinson Crusoe is a game where you desperately try to survive but inevitably and slowly die over a period of 2 hours

  14. Writing a ‘book’ is easy. Writing a good book is not

  15. Dan carlin’s history podcasts routinely run 5 hours or so

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