1. Yeah I think that generic edm seems to add vocals purely for the sake of having a vocal on top of the production. Sometimes I hear great production but the meaning behind lyrics doesn’t even make sense with the perceived emotions of the production.

  2. Three years and it doesn’t feel dated, that’s a good sign for how well this album will hold up over time

  3. I would mix everything tgt, especially if you want the everything to sound congruent tgt.

  4. Any amp you would suggest for a pair of 80 ohm headphones?

  5. Hmm…I got the fiio q1 mk2 for my akg k702 and audio technical m50x and it sounds good. Forgot if it’s for 80 ohm headphones so make sure to check

  6. You’re not even close to being a weeb, just someone who appreciates jap culture. I think your colleague is pretty close minded and immature to say that you are a weeb simply because you made jap food. Does it mean that all jap chefs are weebs or ppl who eat Korean food are koreaboos? Absolutely not.

  7. It is not ok. I have already alerted the authorities.

  8. There’s nothing wrong with having that many tracks. Treat the song as one rather than as separate tracks and that will improve the speed of your workflow. And help you focus on the big picture rather than tiny details. Also if something barely making a difference in the track, considering removing it. When I was mixing a track with over 100 layers for the first time doing that helped a ton

  9. I removed a fair amount of low end sounds and that helped clean up the mix a lot and makes it sound louder, without making the song lose its personality

  10. Why are you telling him he's in tune? It's not even remotely close to being in tune.

  11. Yeah like I can listen that it’s off tuning as soon as I heard, stop misguiding him if he’s playing in front of her crush you wanna be safe than sorry

  12. If you are singing in front of her and she knows anything about guitar, then tuning your guitar properly would be good cus otherwise she would notice that it’s not properly tuned

  13. If your tailoring your application to every company atm, try bulk apply to see if that changes anything. I did that for jobs I found on indeed and it worked for me, but I didn’t find a job in japan

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