1. RIP Eli 💚 As a fellow bipolar2 sufferer, this made me tear up. He must be so proud

  2. As someone who also lost their brother (August 2015), I cannot wait to try this strain and grow it <3 Love from Montana.

  3. We will make that happen feel free to send me a message. Eli passed August 2020, rough month for the 2 of us, rest in peace to your brother as well

  4. That’s fucking awesome!!! I too have also lost my big bro and that just made me smile , thanks & class work 😎

  5. Sadly not the case here in Ohio you can be fired or not hired on detected thc. Edit: I don’t usually comment but that is misinformation that can get someone in trouble with work

  6. I lost my younger brother to suicide. He always wanted to grow. I started right after he passed and have been working on a strain called Eli’s hair in his honor. When I wanted to give up taking care of the plant for my brother would give me a reason to keep moving. It’s medicine from growing it to using it plant therapy is real.

  7. Amazing work! Glorious terpenes and terpene content. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get this kind of testing done?

  8. Been waiting for someone to review this one, what’s your thought on this one?

  9. Plants look awesome! Just wondering, Is this an auto flower seed? Looks full blown in flower

  10. Yes! Surprisingly enough I have grown 2 other bag seeds (one dispo one street) and all ended up being auto flower. I was personally very surprised to see that dispensary are using auto flowers.

  11. The shattered glass I picked up had little smell and did not hit me at all :/

  12. Damn sorry to hear that man. I think I got a good batch because it’s pretty fire! That being said the GMO’Z was a half oz for $95 when the Shattered glass was $40 for 2.83. Not reaaallly worth the price I don’t think.

  13. Glad to hear I’ll maybe give it another shot. I agree what a wild price difference the gmo’z looks fire

  14. What was the process? Is there a company that helps you create strains? Do you just pick up the phone and say "gimme a strain with 1/2 OG Crunk, 1/4 Watermelon Chocolate and 1/4 Suga Puga Wuga"

  15. Yeah as mentioned it’s far more complicated that that. You pick 2 plants that you have traits from each you want to combine. Most people and what I did is plant about 20 plants out. From here you select desirable male and female. You flower it out and the pollen will pollen are the female creating seeds. Since hella jelly had been stabilized 3x most of the traits will be that of hella jelly if you are working with an unstable genetic you will see more variation. Once you select a keeper from the seeds you make, you can either back cross the strain or create s1 seeds with the strain.

  16. Nice! Great stock to work from. How many plants and how many years did it take you to complete this breeding project?

  17. You nailed this outdoor batch sir! It ain’t easy. Be proud of this one

  18. Probably a girl gotta wait on the white hair to come out of it to confirm

  19. I’m the exact same boat dude… 2 phenos Hermed on me I’m stuck waiting for seeds or hopefully bud

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