1. Brand new never worn size Small collection.

  2. REQUESTING, I have a GIGANTIC HOLIDAY GIFT LIST XD I would really appreciate a code. Thanks all for your time!

  3. Hi there! Thank you for your consideration! I have a very big shopping list for the holidays and would really appreciate your generosity!!

  4. I would really really appreciate a code if anyone is willing to spare me one!!! I’m about to splurge because all my makeup is expired. Haha.

  5. Thank you so much! I used it to buy my mom a hair dryer I was planning on getting her as a gift anyways. I really appreciate you being so kind as to share the coupon code.

  6. Will just followed Tigerlily. The only S4 girl he follows. He def has a type

  7. Omg I’ve been thinking about buying this recently!!! Does dyson usually discontinue products like that? How come it would be a bad choice?

  8. Not only did I fall for Caleb’s act, I even fell for Chazz’s in the beginning of the season

  9. Wait but is his mom white? It’s a prerequisite.

  10. Oh wow are all of their moms white?!! Ok just did my 2 seconds of internet stalking (instagram) and Chazz’s mom is not white. Now where does he go!!

  11. Ikr imagine the outrage of a guy was going around kissing every girl just to “see if there was any sexual tension” LMAOOO

  12. GOOD FOR SYDNEY!!!! she didn’t give him a SINGLE tear!!

  13. Ikr I was so surprised she didn’t break down in tears but so GLAD!! I think she’ll cry her tears in private 😞

  14. The decouplings that made me the saddest were Jesse’s and Jeff’s anyone else…I teared up when Jesse came out looking excited

  15. WHHATTTT! I was just rewatching the episodes with Ada in them today. She did a great job!

  16. My dream theme would be something simple and cute, like Moomin or Miffy! I like bright, light, white colors, and my desk has a lot of plants on it. I love greens and pinks and whites to go with them!

  17. My favorite dessert is shaved ice!! With extra mochi + condensed milk + ice cream!! Yum!!

  18. Hi guys, I accidentally let the water droplets from yesterday’s watering sit on the leaves of this plant even though I know it can’t handle it, I can’t find anything on the internet—All of my other plants are fine when they have some water on their leaves, but this one needs to be wiped down and because I didn’t it was severely damaged. Please advise!

  19. This is crazyyyy! So interesting + reminder to self to find a good brow shape for my face, it makes a big difference as to how old a person looks!

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