1. I got this(same batch I think) Second Breakfast(~30% THC), and Ghee butter(~33% THC). First ever Galenas purchase.

  2. I appreciate your input! I actually grabbed this and second breakfast while trying to get my hands on the Ghee butter. Sucks to hear that it’s not one of the better ones seeing how pretty it is 😂 I will say though if you see blueberry cookies try that! Favorite from them besides the EPBC.

  3. How is the epbc I ordered a half of smalls 120 30 percent off. Good or no

  4. They just added this back on the menu today here! Just added some to my cart for tomorrow. Also picking up some of their Cake Crusher and another jar of the Space Gello, if they get more Rom Wid in before I pickup I'll swap out the SG to try it. Harvest has 20% off Harvest brand tomorrow, been waiting for this sale!

  5. This was my favorite & I think Rom second BUT they are all 🔥 just my preference in terps

  6. Everyone has their opinions on this & RC but I really enjoyed the garlic cookies. Wish they’d have sales more often though.

  7. I wish they wouldn't use plastic bags for packaging.

  8. 262% THCA?? That's chemically impossible for bud. Math doesn't check out 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I picked up some of this batch last week. Great effects, but not much smell or taste for me. Will probably try again to give it a fair shake. A lot of good reviews on here, so I was surprised I was disappointed.

  10. Those buds look so fucking spacey man!! They should have called this stuff Weedlon Musk 😅

  11. You know what, I am really glad to see another cultivator come out of the gate and hit the ground running. Excited to try this.

  12. Not the stickiest BUT definitely strongest smell & flavor profile out of Harvest first drop. By no means is it dry though! Still feels really fresh 👍🏽

  13. i want to try this so bad but every cart of their terp sauce i’ve gotten has been burnt and not hitting correctly, so i’ve given up on ever being able to actually try one for real lol

  14. I see that a lot so I was hesitant to try but I saw terp sauce & for $30 figured why not. First certified cart, pleasantly surprised 👌🏽

  15. Seems like some like their terp sauce. Can you post a picture of the package, curious of what they have listed for terps and ingredients.

  16. Had this in the sneak peak. Honestly love Buckeye but the terps sucked. Good high, lack of flavor

  17. Awesome i just got back from the dispensary and picked up klutch’s sherbhead and big head

  18. Ty homie ❤️ you have a fantastic fucking day

  19. I just picked this up on Friday at Verilife Cinci. Packaged 2/08. Love it, best concentrate I've tried thus far.

  20. Fuck it even if it’s a bit old 16$ eighth in this program is a steal 🥲😂

  21. They have ounces for 190 before the 20% off. I stacked it with vet discount and got a lid of Dosido Gelato for 130 out the door.

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