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  1. I really felt like they nailed the “we take the setting seriously but not ourselves” vibe in the trailer. I take that as a good thing: a lighthearted campaign that sticks to the lore.

  2. That’s the exact vibe I was getting from the trailer, I’m really excited for this movie.

  3. I mean, I personally don’t find his music appealing. But art is subjective.

  4. Critics have widely regarded him as one of modern hip hops best producers. Often citing 808s and Heartbreaks and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as some of the best produced and most influential hip hop albums around.

  5. They’re terrible in general tbh. I remember when Valorant first came out they would only talk about how CSGO is better and now they just dick ride it at every opportunity.

  6. Their one “reporter” Dimitri the dude with the Jimmy neutron haircut. He constantly shit talks Valorant and meat rides CS, he is dogshit at both games so I don’t know what authority he has doing pro analysis.

  7. Probably because he uses an iPhone. On iOS only Safari supports extensions so with 3rd party browsers you’re stuck with whatever ad-blocker is built in. Brave for iOS has a decent integrated blocker but Firefox for iOS does not. I personally use Firefox on desktop and Safari (with Adguard) on mobile for the same reason.

  8. Which one? It annoys me that my favorite browser is unusable on iOS because of the non existent ad blocker

  9. Even in his confession it's clear he's trying to understate just how absurdly drugged up he is.

  10. Everyone knew he was on PEDs but nobody would have thought he was on a concoction of $12,000 worth of PEDs a MONTH. This guy was injecting a whole pharmacy into his ass cheeks every day.

  11. Thank you! I was using PiHole and looks like I can’t login if I have their metrics/analytics endpoint blocked. Happy to have the app working finally.

  12. Old thread I know but what exactly did you add to the whitelist? I swear I’ve whitelisted everything related to a login request for EQ and I still can’t log in. Outright disabling my blocking works fine but I’d rather not do that every time.

  13. Never understood why chambers trap had global range when functionally it gave the same info as KJ alarm bot. It should have always had a range component to it.

  14. Reminds me of Hong Kong style hot dog bun. Basically hot dog in milk bread.

  15. Looks fine to me, it’s tidy and neat and you have some of your interests on display. The side of your room with the desk is a little bare but not a big issue.

  16. It sucks because that mech rider seems more of a likable, capable smart woman and less of a irritating gamer girl trope. D.vas lines are so insufferable and annoying.

  17. Yah golden age memorial edition, looks pretty good

  18. Wait I thought that these were just the golden age movies but re cut into episodic format.

  19. I went to business school at u of c and now I work at one of Canada’s fastest growing startups as an ML developer. Your existing credentials are probably fine especially given your years of experience. I’d say if it’s easier for you to immigrate via student visa then go for the cheaper option. SAIT will cost you far less money even as an international student than UCalgary will.

  20. I wanna get a forester and kit it out with a roof tent and other epic stuff.

  21. Idk why anyone would listen to Sneako about masculinity anyways. He has publicly admitted to having his GF cucked via gangbang while he just sat there. By his logic what authority does someone like that have to lecture me about masculinity? Dude is literally and I mean LITERALLY the soyboy cuck he hates so much.

  22. Well as smooth as a brain that would vote for Trudeau in the first place

  23. Remember when he said he would make changes to the voting and election process? Guess he realized how much he benefits from it to bother.

  24. In the last few years how many people have been stabbed or pushed onto the tracks? Even 1 is 1 too many.

  25. There's a point where it's not an obsession, but a legitimate concern for playability. When objects/NPC's are popping in/out of existence 20 feet from your character, and the legitimately awful frame pacing causes nausea in many, it can be a high barrier for people who don't usually think about game performance.

  26. It’s very noticeably bad. If you put it side by side with Legends Arceus which people were already complaining about pop in and textures it looks night and day.

  27. It also looks like vomit in a lot if places. Like to me, only the humans, items and Pokémon look good.

  28. It’s extremely jarring because the player and Pokémon models look fantastic but the textures for the terrain are flat with no bump mapping and are super low res. This is hard to ignore because when you catch a Pokémon they zoom the fuck in on the poke all so all you see is this super gorgeous pokeball model with reflections and good textures against this 2D flat ground that looks like an N64 texture.

  29. Cool game but it definitely had its fair share of issues. Definitely shook up the Pokémon formula but suffered from technical issues that still go unaddressed. Many titles far more deserving of this imo.

  30. Literally have been waiting forever for font of might. Bought it and now I can uninstall destiny, I won.

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