First full-colour Image of deep space from the James Webb Space Telescope revealed by NASA (in 4k)

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  1. Nobody who’s posting this glitch ever says how it happened.

  2. I’ve read here it’s by switching legends at the last second, but in my testing it hasn’t worked for me

  3. The only people I’ve seen say that, are people who say “I think”, lol. No offense, but I haven’t seen anyone say “I know”, unless I’ve missed a comment buried somewhere.

  4. Perfectly reasonable and somewhat expected thing to happen, for any data storage system that was not designed from ground up for

  5. I don’t know what they’re actually called, but my friends and I call them the region files, and I’m pretty sure they’re 32x32 chunks.

  6. They are ".mca" files which stands for "MineCraft Anvil" but the more common name for them is "Region Files". Hell, I call them "Region Files"!

  7. According to the wiki (I was curious and googled it) the previous file extension was .mcr, or MineCraft Region, so I guess when they changed to the Anvil format, Region kinda stuck around.

  8. I went a couple of days after the Holo Alt trailer with the coordinates was released in the Gura Comedy shirt to see if anything was up. Didn’t find anything or anyone, sadly.

  9. If you drink enough smart stouts you'll learn their use. First you get four of them and take them to.... what was I saying?

  10. No no no! You take five error cubes and you insert them into the… ugh, it’s gone.

  11. LiveTL or holodex for that, our brother

  12. I couldn’t find any setting in holodex for “highlight the blues” or anything like that that.

  13. Using Medusa's head does fit with book Percy's character tho. I might remember poorly but didn't he defeat the Chimera by insulting Zeus and dodging the resulting lightning bolt?

  14. Nah, Zeus isn’t present in any shape during that fight, Percy just jumps out of the hole into the Missouri.

  15. From what I've read its things like her dog barking and growling at random empty spots in the house, a locked door swinging open and a bath (I can't remember if she did actually start to run the bath or if she said it filled up on its own) becoming filled with boiling water. That paired with the whisper on stream is pretty spooky.

  16. Well the dog one has an easy likely explanation, there’s probably some animal in the walls, maybe mice/rats or something else.

  17. Also showing the damn image full-screen would've been nice for a FIRST IMAGE OF THE COOL NEW SATELLITE TELESCOPE!

  18. There were complaints about that behind the scenes too, lol.

  19. Especially on multiplayer (idk if it’s on PC or Xbox) but they’re so buggy. The host literally phases through the blocks like they’re not there while the players who joined have to mine them or whatever

  20. The blocks that “break” only break for the person who has broken them. If you’re hosting it, you can see everyone’s updates while each only sees their own. Or if you’re connected to a dedicated server, everyone only sees their own. It is quite annoying.

  21. It's called "immunity to damage when loading" nobody complains about this on java lol overreacting

  22. Yeah, except he got shot by a skeleton the moment he entered, and took damage from it. So clearly the loading immunity would not have applied to the fall, and thus it is a bug.

  23. He took half a heart of damage and you can see his player in the top left flash red.

  24. I cant help but read #SSHoloX as AssHoloX lol

  25. And Flight of Passage is really cool. Worth trying to go on every time.

  26. Since that YouTube clip doesn’t have the full story either; It’s Reggie and Iwata from Nintendo fighting in order to promote the reveal of Mii Fighters in Super Smash Brothers: Wii U. After they fight in the real world, they go into the game with Mii versions of themselves.

  27. Counterpoint: There's a detail about the portal from Terraria that you missed. Whenever an object enters it, it exits exactly centered, at least if I remember correctly this is the case. This means that as long as the chamber is short enough that it drops in the first time, and is straight enough, the object will always land perfectly inside, because the portal itself is always readjusting the trajectory.

  28. That’s true in portal as well; When the player enters a portal, they get moved to the center of it.

  29. Why can’t I complete the challenges to do the two sever activites with void and arc?

  30. I hope it's not too obvious: don use the scythe.

  31. Yeah, I figured it out after my comment when I kept reading and finally found others mentioning that.

  32. Descendent Vex Chrome is one of my favorite shaders for making things old.

  33. Maggie ult doesnt stun most of the time. Drill has issues with terrain not only newcastle shield.

  34. I lost a game recently because the enemy team was hiding behind 1 rock on high ground and the drill wouldn’t go through it.

  35. Dammit YouTube, why didn’t you notify me about this? When was this scheduled? I was looking at my subs all day and this stream was never there!

  36. Level 1000 in the arena war game mode. Not mine it’s my crew mates but the van and the suit are mine.

  37. But I do need to put in more effort reading through a GitHub page, find the install instructions, actually install something, and figure out which commands I need to actually download the video.

  38. Yes, but you only have to learn it once, and then you can download videos forever. And not just from Reddit -- from pretty much

  39. The same could be said about the save video bot: Learn it once and then download forever. The added flexibility for yt-dlp seems nice though.

  40. I would guess they’re wondering why do you have to work extra after you put the kids to bed?

  41. Holy shit, you really didnt take any biology classes above a middle school level huh?

  42. Me - Says I didn’t have biology classes in college, which is not public school.

  43. You said that the distance of relation within a genus was equivalent to a subspecies, bud.

  44. What’s also in the Wikipedia article is that the various giraffes are classified the same way the chimps are.

  45. What’s up with the Houston Space Center? How’d you check that that’s where those coords are?

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