1. Russell Crowe Fightin' Around The World

  2. There's nothing supernatural in this movie. It is fairly grounded in reality.

  3. Noen gjør som Jessica Rabbit, ser jeg. (Søk den opp på egen risiko.)

  4. Would it being release on thanksgiving day have anything to do with those numbers?

  5. No, the Thanksgiving week is ususally pretty lucrative. Disney's used that date quite a few times. I think it's really the lack of marketing, and the few people who've noticed it see it as really boring and uninteresting.

  6. That’s so interesting! I had no idea thanksgiving was a good movie time!

  7. Its falling behind Encanto whose tuesday preview numbers were 1.5 million and went on to gross 40 million over thanksgiving.

  8. And unlike that one, which became a phenomenon after a Christmas release on Disney+, then fell into the forgetting book after the disembowling and mockery at the Oscars, I can see this one falling into the forgetting book pretty fucking quickly.

  9. Every character looks the exact same IMO. By the time you’ve seen the 20th one it’s like you’ve seen every possible blocky 2d character design humanly possible.

  10. I'm not even kidding when I say one of the characters in this looks like an older version of one from Encanto. Like they just took the model and added age to it.

  11. That man cannot be understood. A story he's used a time or two is that he bought a giant teddy bear on Wish. Turned out to have no stuffing, making for a nightmare fuel costume.

  12. Som ett långtida fan av the Addams family och karaktären Wednesday så är jag förvånad att någon har sett sådär långt på serien. Den pissade sig själv i ansiktet ~3 minuter in och jag stängde av.

  13. Pleier å være optimistisk til det meste, og ennå det er dritt turer jeg gjennom. Så langt synes jeg Wednesday er fornøyelig. (Black Panther 2 derimot? Kunne blitt trimma med 35 minutter. Jeg kjeda meg i vel en time, og så andre som var likedan.)

  14. Two episodes in. Jenna Ortega is filling Christina Ricci's shoes perfectly.

  15. Luckily I had a short day today (oral midterms for math, 20 minutes each), and was done til Lurchlunch. So, I had time to start.

  16. My grandpa had that movie in a box of John Candy DVD's, and since I knew of it, we had to watch it. We lost our damn minds when Mr. Bonestripper was shown.

  17. During 9/11. When they found out, they had a moment of silence, with Dana Carvey in that turtle costume.

  18. The title cards of Chucky are made up of different items per episode, sometimes relevant to the plot. S2. Ep. 3 I believe was made up of crosses with the music being on a church organ with a choir.

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