1. I'm not even sure honestly. This is my first time growing anything from Gas Reaper so I'm completely unfamiliar but extremely impressed

  2. Thanks, growmie!!! It kinda smells like if you used gas instead of milk for a bowl of fruity pebbles...If that makes any sense at all lol

  3. There's a good chance that would of regenerated I've saved 20 year old mother's after a raid back in the day funny that the pigs underestimate this plants durability and our love of it

  4. It was a decent producer not bad gentic just not what im looking for. Im ready for next season already.🤣

  5. He was inhaling computer duster. As someone who reluctantly likes to admit it, after years of struggling with substance abuse, I somehow managed to start huffing that shit. I was "sober." It's crazy how much that stuff affects you. I went from 1 can every few days to 20 not being enough in one. The shit is poisonous and can take your brain to other worlds. It can also kill your instantly. I understand the need to see celebrity deaths as a conspiracy, but as someone who used to be terribly addicted to that garbage, it's not hard to believe he took a bath to relax (something I learned to do after huffing, because believe it or not, the come down is ruthless) and he either used something else in combination, or huffed again and passed out in the tub and drowned.

  6. Why fucking airduster though? Like there are so many better drugs to get addicted too. Im not trying to be be rude but how is that even addictive.

  7. He was trying to get his kid back and this wont show on a drug test. Also, its a different kind of high. Same reason people try meth or crack

  8. Look if he was worried about drug tests then why was he smoking weed and drinking lean on aadam22 right b4 his death. I really doubt that was the case.

  9. I spent the summer car camping in the white mountains, made three trips to Maine to resupply my stash. Maine got my tax money, sorry New Hampshire, you lose. Enjoy those High property taxes

  10. Fuck paying 50 a 8th in maine you should just find a locale person it will be ten times cheaper for you out of staters. Oz of fire is going for 100 a oz rn. I live in maine and every one i know, doesnt go to rec shops way to expensive and the quality is blah.

  11. Yeah it's 400/oz in MA which is crazy high

  12. If you every make a trip to maine dm me. Ill help you out. Thats ridiculous. Like the fuck? Lol

  13. I completely agree with you. This sub iv noticed is very one-sided when it comes to shit like this. Makes me sick thinking my tax dollars are being spent on shit like this. Tell me how a 5 year old needs to learn about shit like this. They dont.

  14. I have nothing against books about trans and lgbtq, but i have something against children books grooming kids to cut there junk off. It shouldnt be something a kid should have to learn or hear about, untill he or she is old enough to make rational decision.

  15. Just saw your video on grove bags the other. Small world, right on! Love the flat top my man.

  16. He first got hit with copyright issues (so I heard) and had to change a ton of stuff, and when I drove by his shop in Waterville today it looked all shut down.

  17. Its always looked like that. They are still open. Place is like a ice shack. Idk how they are still open tho. So many better places id rather spend my money at.

  18. What kind of question is that buddy.. yes it’s Ethos Hash Plant BX1 … are you asking if it’s a clone from Colin/Ethos .. no .. I hunted a few packs of their seeds for this pheno

  19. Well you put just hash bx1 so i was just trying to figure out if it was different then there hash plant. Looks good iv been thinking about running some outdoor next year.

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