ICC judges issue arrest warrants against Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin and Maria Alekseyevna Lvova-Belova


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  1. She’s lucky to be that complexion, other wise her………………. (Finnish the sentence)

  2. Karen, pure ignorance being displayed by an arrogant see you next Tuesday spokesperson

  3. In history books, explaining how it was formed, thrived, changed, lied and disappeared just like that.

  4. There is absolutely no problem with you requesting that ... and it won't cause any harm. However, it may not be the best for you. There is an incredible interplay between the back / neck / and shoulders with the pecs and other front muscle structures. Particularly in this day in age with conditions like

  5. Upper Cross Syndrome client definitely needs work in the shorten muscles, only way to massage this is by having the client supine, face up or side-lying.

  6. The nearest Walgreen's has these and half of them don't have the right product or they are sold out but don't update it to reflect that. These things are so stupid.

  7. Sounds like my local Walgreens, I tried three times and they were out of whole cow milk, not oat, soy or anything else. Will never go there for milk, and getting my scripts switched to CVS.

  8. You'd probably be better off taking a generic B complex. (B6, B12, Thiamine and Folate) Those at least get dumped into the urine if you take too much as opposed to building up toxicity. If you want to take that other stuff you can get a serum level checked first, as the likelihood of you being deficient and not already diagnosed in childhood is really low. Even the B vitamins, you can check serum levels if you want to be sure.

  9. I’ll definitely get blood work done prior to throwing pills down my gut. Thanks and good luck in your journey

  10. It takes commitment to the recovery process, find a support group, learn as much as you can about your condition, follow a healthy diet, make time to consciously relax, maybe even try mindfulness meditation. Explore the meaning of biopsychosocial approach at pain, and Hannah Somatics or Feldenkrais. Good luck.

  11. Rifle Camp Road in Passaic County. Beautiful serene views with places to sit, and let your grief flow. Mother Nature receives all of you.

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