1. OP been posting everyday about this stock for months just for it to get absolutely fucked😭😭

  2. Were you the one who said buy out is coming stay tuned?

  3. Buy out imminent u mean...The method was far from my perspectives...but let's see where this lead too

  4. Trump followers are the KKK in without the white hood n torches with horse 🐴..Now they got cars and guns n more stupidity..

  5. Don't lie. If you didn't call out at that gain you didn't cash out afterwards. It's been nothing but downhill since then

  6. Yeah I mean there's somebody here and it ain't the Ghost of Christmas past, if you know what I mean

  7. The system will always be more important than the people it enslaves...If the system becomes broken, financial freedom may develop..and that's a no no...

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