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  1. Reading that definition says this is near a peak and time to exit.

  2. Ok when higher than -20 = overbought. You’re 7 points lower and near overbought state. -80 = oversold you’re roughly 50+ points away from that. What am I missing? I know ima idiot sometimes but what is it?

  3. Throw that through the window πŸͺŸ..mate.. Then down the line when married..she leaves another note that she's unhappy n wants a divorce..then gets half of everything u work so hard for..

  4. How can they just NOT release earnings without a reason? I don’t recall ever seeing something like this before with a publicly-traded corporation.

  5. Bro...They shady asf...but either way...we will see some money πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° shortly..just keep ur bags handy for sell..

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