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  1. does anyone have any show recs i’m desperate for a show that would make me feel how euphoria made me feel😭

  2. Not exactly like euphoria, but white lotus is good. Also has Sydney Sweeney

  3. Same channel as euphoria. You can watch it on hbo max.

  4. My go to costume as a kid has always been the red ranger. Man I love the power rangers

  5. Different smells give off different vibes. Some make you feel warm and cozy, some make you feel fresh and light. Some fragrances are better for fancy events and some are better for casual wear. It really depends on what feeling you want to evoke with your scent.

  6. You could’ve went to any drug store and tried it. Blind buying is a bad idea. And for the scent yeah it was my signature years ago but since then I’ve also grown to dislike it (on myself). It’s the pepper note that really grinds my gears.

  7. Yeah you’re right I probably should have gone to a store and smelled it first but I figured since only good things were said about it I couldn’t go wrong. You live and you learn I guess.

  8. Deipnophobia - Fear of dining or dinner conversations. so basically my life rn.

  9. I only remember them at the prom table thats it. But you probably know more than me

  10. Not exclusively a science channel, more of an educational channel but I love smarter every day. His videos are always interesting and understandable. Also Tom Scott

  11. Asking a stranger if they have a massive cock is sexual harassment. I’m not sure we should be rewarding that behavior.

  12. I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted but you’re right. Everyone thinks this is a good thing that should be rewarded until it’s an unattractive woman or a dude asking the question. Then it’s a problem. Shitty behavior should be called out even if the person is attractive.

  13. Oh it seemed like you were asking a question

  14. It was sarcasm that now Elizabeth is much more famous than they are.

  15. I’m aware this particular video is a joke but the trend as a whole is less funny. The trend is about how men can’t truly relate to the songs lyrics because they have not gone through the same challenges as women have. This “joke” while funny from the outside is very dismissive of the problems men face when talking about mental health. Boiled down it is “my problems are worse then yours so don’t think you have a right to talk about them.” I don’t think the woman in the vid fully believes this but others partaking in the trend do. And don’t even get me started on the comments. Basically what I’m saying is even though this video is a joke, others like it are not, and they are more harmful then helpful to the topic of mental health.

  16. I've never used tiktok and it took me 10 seconds to figure out that men have been making "girls can't relate to X" posts to be sexist, and that this is a satirical response back

  17. I haven’t seen any videos like that but that could be possible. I did see more videos similar to this one tho 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. Wonder Woman ❤️ I love a woman who can kill me

  19. I think once people unlock more characters the diversity will improve. Or one can hope.

  20. Where can you find this fetish…. for ya know, scientific purposes.

  21. It’s called financial domination or findom. I’m sure there is some sad bloke out there willing to give you their life savings.

  22. reddit got me wondering about the different flavors of cum

  23. I once asked a girl about this and she said that there definitely are different flavors of cum. If the guy eats unhealthy then the cum will taste bad and if he eats healthy and drinks water it will taste good. I also remember hearing about a girl who said her bf was a vegan who ate very healthy and his but tasted like water. Don’t know how true that was tho.

  24. Naw, he died before he could be corrupted. Give him 2 more months and he definitely wasn’t seeing the pearly gates tho

  25. Oh shit I knew she sounded familiar. She said obese people should be segregated lmaooo.

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