1. Man I need this out, I’m tired of drizz leaving his smooth tracks in the vault.

  2. “Trust in my brothers is as strong as I know it should be”.

  3. I will say this people are allowed to have their own opinions doesn’t mean they’re right opinions but they are still allowed to have them

  4. How does one’s brain come up with this stupid shit

  5. Imo no but I wouldn’t be mad at someone saying that he did.

  6. It's dropping april 2nd FOR SURE

  7. Nag I don’t think Drake can get bigger commercially. Can he still drop a big hit like God’s plan? Yeah I think it’s possible.

  8. Does anybody know if he’s a reliable source? All Ik is that he’s really close with akademiks.

  9. I’m not sure, but Drake had to know what that post would do 👀

  10. U really think is dropping? Me personally I’m not buying it lol but I’m just going with it.

  11. Facts but it’s scary how technology can do this type of shi lol

  12. I remember last year when durk went to million dollars worth of game podcast he said he got like 6 to 8 Drake tracks in the tuck.

  13. Drake the king when it comes to changing his sound🤷‍♂️.

  14. I agree, I'd even say his voice isn't as good as it used to be either. if you listen to him hit high notes on songs like hold on we're going home or nothings into somethings vs when he hits high notes on more recent songs like falling back or greece there's a clear dip in his vocal skill

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