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  1. Edward. Hands down. He’s a romantic and incredibly attractive.

  2. I just watched it. It was kind of weird how most of the victims in the documentary were adults when they were victimized. Like, they didn’t just opt out of the abuse. They just stood there and let it happen like they were vulnerable children or something. not to take anything away from their experience, but it came across as a little sketchy. Not very believable.

  3. Wow. So they didn’t even represent the actual abuse. So many people are covering their asses

  4. Grief counseling may be helpful to guide you through this painful chapter.

  5. I’m a little confused on her timeline. She booked tickets before she knew she was pregnant? I checked and MCR tickets went on sale on Jan 31st. Didn’t she know she was pregnant by then? I don’t know anymore with her. This feels like another way to use mental illness to gain sympathy and I’m not buying it.

  6. Wow , good catch. She didn’t want to admit she bought the tickets while pregnant and knowing she’d be newly postpartum. Her priorities are so jacked up

  7. Sorry not doxxing anyone but there’s been references made in their sub and the show.

  8. Thanks for sharing this sweet story. Something so simple can change their whole week

  9. It’s the job you hate, not Florida. Just quit that job and apply elsewhere

  10. If LO is fighting a nap I do something else with her. Chances are their sleep pressure isn't there yet. Half an hour of playing then trying again is better time spent than fighting a nap?

  11. I tend to run on the ethos of dont ask questions if you don’t want to hear the answers! Don’t read my diary if you don’t want to know what I’m thinking.

  12. Same here 😂I leave mine out . Idk if my husband reads it but I vent about him a bit in there lmao so it’s his own fault if his feelings get hurt

  13. I would never work in a hospital ever again! In my whole 15 years of being a CNA I prefer SNFs! I get to see the same people everyday and it goes by fast! Right now I work as a Hospice CNA at a nursing home. I love it! I was so depressed working in the hospital due to the morbidly obese folks constantly being assholes, and would work ya to death! I've also worked in mental health too.i wouldn't recommend that either. I just love the old folks! :)

  14. I jumped straight into EMDR and it changed my life. Give it a try

  15. You got this! I’m sure you’ll make a great server. You could apply online

  16. YTBF - You meant well and if it was my kid I’d rather you be safe than sorry. Your heart was in the right place though. I’d pay if I was you. Now imagine taking care of a 5 year old with a cracked rib. They’re both going to have trauma from this…. So stop sabotaging her and let people babysit. You’re a jerk for that

  17. But those are both viral trends and sounds on TikTok. They’re just stuck in her head. This is a reach lol

  18. Did she insist on doing it then just to hurt you? And him?? Damn I feel obligated to say something because I am 27, mother and nurse but in therapy for a small traumatic moment that happened when I was 8. Please - therapy for him ASAP.

  19. She already has the kids set up to speak with a counselor at school.

  20. Girl your original dress is gorgeous - trust your instinct. You might regret it if you don’t wear it!! Once you have your hair, makeup and flowers it won’t even be a thought

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