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  1. Yeah how come someone who is enjoying being “non existant” happy being drag down to this hell hole of earth.

  2. It's so scary to me how there's people that genuinely didn't wanna be born. I can't imagine being so unhappy that you wish you hadn't been born.

  3. Nitpick: is Avatar really a cartoon? I feel like it occupies this interesting unique position as a sort of ‘western anime’.

  4. Anime is just a Japanese cartoon. I completely agree with mentioning avatar in any anime-related topic because it is very similar but it is objectively not anime. It is a cartoon though just as any anime is a cartoon.

  5. Ok so a common reply to "I failed NNN" is something along the lines of "doesn't matter, just restart" or "it's not about the streak". You should still restart because of nofap's benefits, but NNN really is about the streak. You can't restart NNN until next year, you can just restart nofap.

  6. On this image, that airbender behind kuruk. I want to see that obese guy flying in the element sphere aang uses.

  7. There is the bloodiest war fought since WWII not even 1.5k km away and you say shit like that. Ok buddy

  8. The war in ukraine is bad, for sure, however, literally every time in history has had wars. At least this is a conflict between 2 countries and it's our biggest worry. Doomers don't realise that most people in history would have killed for a world as safe as ours. Actually, they'd probably do way more than kill 1 person for a world where people's biggest worries are microplastics and an unstable democracy.

  9. Nah dude NNN is stupid, it floods everything with lazy reused memes and it promotes prostate cancer.

  10. I wish I read this comment before. I didn't beat my meat 5 times last tuesday and now I am hospitalised with no hair and 3 days left to live.

  11. It promotes it, it doesn't give it to you. 15 people can't read.

  12. Dawg saying it promotes prostate cancer implies that not masturabating gives prostate cancer. Vague evidence that isn't even agreed upon by a lot of people because of other studies doesn't mean not masturbating is a notable cause for prostate cancer.

  13. I'm done with this subreddit man, bro is seriously worried that his desire for charity work isn't from God. It's like the only purpose of this sub is asking if everything is sin. Just live your life, God won't send you to hell just because you accidentally inhaled a molecule of cigarette smoke. The biggest antagonists in the new testament were the overly religious people that shamed people for every small "sin" they could imagine.

  14. But porn is the unhealthy part, not masurbating

  15. Porn is the most addictive part, and watching porn without masturbating doesn't make it addictive. There's not really a point to masturabation without porn.

  16. There are actually a lot of benefits to nofap. It tends to make people more confident, give more drive to accomplish things and porn fucks with your brain in a lot of ways. However, NNN is mostly just the meme of needing the willpower to do nofap for 30 days.

  17. I honestly still have no idea what this sub is about but these memes are amazing

  18. I'd rather be gay and spread positivity than be straight and tell people they're going to hell. I don't believe you can be a good Christian and be homophobic, just doesn't mix.

  19. This is scientifically untrue. Everything in life is some percentage nature and some percentage nurture. It’s not really “a choice” but it is not how people are born. There are 13 genetic markers that some have argued appear to have a correlation with being gay, but it is not consistent. The largest study ever done if you Google “gay gene,” clearly indicates there is no such thing. Things like growing up in an urban vs rural area make you over twice as likely to be gay. I don’t know why people circulate this lie if they don’t see being gay as problematic.

  20. I think that gender roles have become less important in today's society, which has caused some men to be less masculine and some women to be less feminine, and that results in people being less driven by instinct on what gender they're attracted to. On the other hand, I also believe some people are just born with an attraction to the same gender. Some gay men can be incredibly masculine.

  21. It's probably an actual headline but it just doesn't mean anything. You can't cancel something if no one fucking cares

  22. They got the real 1444 on there. How does Youtube let this stuff pass, but will take down something that includes as much of a frame from a Disney movie?

  23. Oh I kept on seeing that one on thumbnails. Bro kinda took an L ngl 😹😹

  24. It's not racism people just remember characters as white often. It's not a big deal and it's not like no one ever draws characters with dark skin. This is

  25. "I miss the time when I was a child" You're crying over DanTDM, you're still a child.

  26. Zuko is the most underrated bender in the avatar series. He's pretty much on or above Azula's level by the end of avatar, considering the final agni kai but more notably their fight during the southern raiders. He's definitely on his way to become Iroh level considering he also learned the dancing dragon, though I won't say he's there by the end of the animated series. Still, top tier firebender.

  27. Zaheer killed the queen and can literally fly but yet only elite?

  28. zaheer's placement is great, flight is more of a mental feat than a bending one. He only seems as good as he is because he was one of the best martial artists in the world and that happened to work well with airbending. The only other airbenders were even bigger novices than him, literal children and tenzin, who bodied him in a 1v1

  29. Literally proved my point, your article basically says "scientists are trying to make sperm cells from female cells but it doesn't work because they don't have the chromosomes needed"

  30. Ozai is the representation of all evil in the fire nation. While he is the final villain, he's not the main antagonist of any season, only the finale. Zuko and Azula are the main antagonists (book 3 doesn't really have one). Ozai isn't meant to be complex. I know energybending was an asspull, but imagine how much worse it'd be if Aang used Ozai's sad backstory to talk no jutsu the fire lord into becoming a peaceful vegetarian.

  31. lgbtq is not mearly destroying the degenerate christian values it is replacing them with even more degenerate values. Its narrative is just the opposite of christian values of marrige, queer good cis bad.

  32. actually one of the most important christian values is supporting and loving everyone regardless of things like nationality, culture, race, etc. Most christians just exaggerate the sin of man on man sex (which is undeniably stated to be sinful) to excuse blatant homophobia.

  33. its degenerate, you cant love nor respect everyone, you respect those who are great. Christianity and your fascist kindness degenerate society into resenting the rich, white men, and by itself fails as you say to love everyone. Christianity and your leftist ideology say no to life and will mark a fall of todays society.

  34. Please google "the good samaritan" and maybe put "meaning" behind it

  35. How dare she not talk about makeup and crushes? Banish them to

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