1. What about Grogu? Pan? Panthelion?… Muchi?… terrible names I know, but I tried… Jett? Boba?

  2. Sometimes. If you click “Supremacy” in general. You’ll always find games. And in weekends it’s very crowded

  3. Any of them. But Ig-88… if he manages to get to me, I’m doomed. There’s no talking out of it with my charm, just death. Although I’m just a guy, any of them would kill me

  4. Hey! I’m VERY interested in your edit. How can I get it. Already e-mailed you.

  5. World building tool. It introduces important aspects of the novel without being necessary. Um. Let’s say, ever seen Arcane, from Netflix? You could perfect take out the bridge scene (prologue) and nothing would change, but it’s important to make a first impression on the viewer

  6. Ever seen Superman and Lois?… the opening montage as a movie. That’s what I want to see

  7. Branches, something to climb, they are arboreal creatures = they like trees. This terrarium is too grounded. Bushy plants. And a ton of branches

  8. There is no such thing as “too big” in terms of an enclosure for a reptile. And I actually think it’s TOO SMALL. You should get bigger one, and stuff it with plants and branches.

  9. Yeah, with the celebration edition credits are pretty much useless. I never bought it so I still have an incentive to play. You too. Getting that Darth Maul skin and Luke and Leia skin isn’t an easy job: (they’re only achievable through challenges)

  10. When Ahsoka and Anakin talk about how it’s the will of the force that she’s in Anakin’s side, and she just wants to get her in one piece… or something like that… And for live-action… When Anakin first turns on his pod-racer with Qui-Gon and the music builds as he says “it’s working, it’s working!”… so good. And that’s about it

  11. Have a backyard? Do a documentary about the insects down there. About your pet. Or just a cinematic tour of your neighborhood. If not, try getting into stop-motion animation, yes, it’s a lot of work to build the puppets and backgrounds but it’s a great ability to have. Not enough ideas? Make a comercial, like a profesional-looking comercial. See your abilities. I have the same problem so I’ve been diving into screenwriting and waiting for the right time to work on a stop-motion short. Make edits… if you like something like Star Wars, Marvel? Make edits, practice editing, music sync. All of that. I would say animation is really the only way a single person can make a full movie by their own… but try other things

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