1. Ive had this same issue before and fixed it with a couple things:

  2. Well that family member no longer exists, wish I could have asked them.

  3. This was my initial thought, but was kind of thrown off because it only happens during braking. But that’s what I’m here for. There’s a lot more people smarter than me lol.

  4. Works wheels? If so godamn those are my dream wheels.

  5. Yea sir they are! Work S1 3P. It is our dream wheels.

  6. I agree for them being “our” dream wheels haha. Just got some esr’s the other day. I’ll have those work wheels someday >:)

  7. I just recently had a dude snap a photo of my car during our city festival but I was not lucky enough to get his socials. I bet he took a dope shot, and I’ll probably never see it 😢

  8. Before I changed my bumper I had the Z1 metal undershroud. Comes in at about $200 but was well worth the investment. Its extremely durable and even has a flap you can remove to do oil changes without taking the whole shroud off!

  9. Holy shit, these comments just go to show how right this LPT is 😭

  10. I guess it depends on what it’s made out of. I have a duckbill similar to that one, which is made out of polyurethane. I’ve used the 3m double sided tape and it has worked fine. Alternatively, if it’s fiberglass or any other material, I’ve known most people to bolt them down. Either way, both options should work fine.

  11. I have the exact same (almost!) wrap as you on the same bumper! But expect my whole car is in galaxy gloss black. can’t wait to see it on yours :)

  12. Did you have someone helping you? Just wanna make sure the issue isn't something dumb; I'm not in any way saying you're incompetent.

  13. I did not have anyone helping me. And to be honest I followed the chrisfix video about bleeding by yourself haha. If I end up doing it again, I would have someone help me and do the technique you said/what you do with brakes.

  14. The initial issue you had may have been nothing more than old and dirty brake fluid. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, so over time it'll absorb water and that lowers its boiling point and reduces the effectiveness of the hydraulic system. I was starting to get some clutch issues in really hot weather this past summer, and replacing the fluid immediately solved that problem.

  15. I did replace the master cylinder with new brake fluid though. I used some motul hi temp brake fluid from Z1 so I don’t think that could’ve been part of the issue. But i will definitely try the bleeding technique you suggested once the Z comes out of storage! Thank you for all the help :)

  16. I could never become him on happy wheels sword throws.

  17. I was in the same situation you are now, just be patient and the right one will pop up eventually. It took me forever to find a Z that was manual and wasn’t absolutely thrashed on. You’ll find the one, and good luck ! 🍀

  18. What rear bumper is that? I’ve been looking for something that fits a single exit like that! It looks great !

  19. How did your parents let you buy that at 18 (assuming you live with your parents). I want to know because I’m 18 and my parents won’t let me buy a Miata because “they said so”

  20. I am fortunate enough to come from a family who loves cars, and everyone has always had cool cars. Another big reason they let me have it is because I worked my ass off for it, everything you see on the car I’ve paid for. The Car, mods, wrap, even insurance all comes from me. If you’re trying to convince them and are not paying for these things on your own, maybe try to strike a deal like you’ll pay for half the insurance or you’ll pay for your own gas. Tell them how much you’ll appreciate the car and what good care you’ll take of it. I believe in you man, you can do it :)

  21. I’ve seen people post issues similar to this on other forums. Typically an electrical issue, check the volt reading on your gauges along with your battery and alternator

  22. I waited 3 and a half months for my KBD bumper! 😀

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