1. On the real, I dont listen to YB but I actually fw this. Might give some of his other albums a listen. Somebody pmo

  2. idk my favorite album by him is "colors" cuz its his most versatile when it comes to style. give it a listen you might enjoy a couple songs. Listen to "Fish Scales" off it people were calling him a carti clone on that song

  3. jus watch it on xvideos or sum shit

  4. I got Spotify I used to just watch the video on yt but it’s down or sum

  5. Not really since yb isn’t really that welcome in the industry to say the least

  6. Fr like this is a rare opportunity and I’m all for it

  7. I love new mode and intergalactic love

  8. Goin Back 2 Ella honestly one of his best ngl sooo mf catchy

  9. I spent the week in NY so I’m going back to LA GO BACK TO ELLA!!

  10. Just popped my earbuds in wish me luck twins

  11. Wasn't he supposed to drop tonight

  12. This one of the best glow ups I ever seen

  13. My fans just like a cult they read my Bible

  14. Bro I told my friend years ago when BRs were popular that it was gonna happen someday… I wonder if he remembers

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