1. Top 0.1% of listeners baby 🤟 3752 minutes listened,

  2. I'm from Canada so it is below freezing 6 months of the year. If there is salt/gravel on the roads defenitly wash it here and there. I always try to wash it when it is "warmer" temps (Approx -10°C) and then immediatly drive to a mall with underground parking. Go grab lunch or shop for a few hours, by the time you get back 9/10 times its perfectly dry. If you are worried about doors freezing shut (which up here can happen even just from it being so cold) run a towel along the weatherstripping to dry it off.

  3. With all their advertisi g ive ment to stop to check it out but havent gotten to it. Pedro must be dissapointed with me :(

  4. Ive had a few on par with that. Pretty ridiculous thst they just write over stuff they allready wrote over in a different colour.

  5. According to facebook marketplace and people who "know what they have" in my area youve got easy 15k 😅

  6. Man tbh everyone has their strengths, just because calc may not be yours doesnt make you a fraud.

  7. Yeah just got to figure out how to go about doing it then I’ll be set

  8. Im in the same boat with wanting to DIY some sequential lights for my 88. But then again ive gotta rebuild my engine so ive got some bigger fish to fry.

  9. Get them heat molded or heat molded again if you already did that, and use a toe cap to punch out a few mm around the toe. Any shop will do it for free or a few bucks.

  10. Got them head molded but didnt have a toe cap, thats a good idea

  11. It could be a couple things, but most likely you're in a slightly too small boot. If it's less than half a size should be easy to sort out with some help from a decent boot fitter. A thinner insole and maybe a heel lift could do it.

  12. I think its proba ly yhr toenail thing. Its really only the one toe so I assume I just missed it while clipping them.

  13. I bought my fox at 17 too (im 20) and so far its been great. I learned manual in mine as well. Id suggest buying a haynes manual or similar repair manual. They were reasonably priced when I got mine and have lots of good information. Trust me, the maintenance of a 30+ year old car will creep up on you and bite you in the ass. Ask me how I know 😅

  14. fr black ops 2 origins is how I discovered a7x hope they make a banger for this game

  15. Cruise starts at the buttons on the wheel, then there is a vacuum line that goes from the brake pedal to the Module in the drivers side fender well , then there is a vac line to the tree and a cable to the throttle body. Make sure it’s all hooked up. People like to take out random things for no reason.

  16. Havent checked the vaccum lines but it wouldnt surprise me if one end is loose

  17. How well do your brakes work? If they're crap too, it might be vacuum related.

  18. I need new pads and just general brake maintenance but thats about it there

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