Man's skeleton found in his house four years after he was last seen.

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  1. Like he was trying to grab the bed to get up but couldnt

  2. Omg please stop explaining :grimacing:

  3. you want some pencils or what?

  4. I'm surprised you got BoTW playing, is it with cemu?

  5. Yeah. Resolution is dog and fps is around 20-30 but its playable, did the main quest & both dlc’s.

  6. I'll need try it then, I have 10th gen i5 with same uhd graphics.

  7. any way you could maybe elaborate on this for me? do i make the user folder where the exe is located?

  8. yes, at the location of citra-qt.exe

  9. This is awesome! I have used spacedesk and an old android with Cemu with great results. Now and I can do the same with Citra! You guys are great! Excellent work!

  10. Thanks for mentioning this. Didn't know about this. How do you use controllers though. Do you just pair a mobile controller with the pc and pop the phone in?

  11. That could work. I use a PS4 controller paired via bluetooth and a snap on mount for the phone.

  12. Oh I see, gotta keep the immersion. Thanks for your reply!

  13. 7,19. Thanks for doing this!

  14. Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning (the old version, not the remastered Re-Reckoning) will work well in this setup

  15. Hey, can I play Crysis 3 remastered with uhd graphics. processor is core i5-10210u and 16gb ram

  16. Emulation⟩Configure⟩Controls⟩Input

  17. I recommend using DS4 windows. Once that is set up, you can configure the controller's inputs in citra

  18. I use a generic gamepad and remap it just fine

  19. Is that a different game or just another skin on the usual minesweeper?

  20. Yeap. Good ol' minesweeper, Google Play games.

  21. More people gotta play minesweeper. Once you "get it" it's a ton of fun.

  22. Really! I finally learnt how to play (through fancade) earlier this year and my record for easy is 21 seconds. And on my first actual attempt to do so beat hard mode in 29 minutes. Enjoy it so much!

  23. I was planning on using Vista, but program support is a no-go. Windows 10 actually seems to run quite well, but slow as i only put a 1TB Hard disk drive in. Maybe I should upgrade to a cheap 128GB SSD?

  24. You should try running zorin os kinda-sorta based on ubuntu. Supports as far back as 15 years


  26. Does this work on newer (and ryujinx) repacks?

  27. I3-8130U processor and Intel uhd 620 graphics with 12 gb ram I think so

  28. Thank you! I have i5-10210u and 16gb ram. So I should be able I'll try and let you know. Also scarlet seems to be playable with custom ryujinx but quite demanding. Any idea about arceus legends?

  29. Arceus should definately be better than scarlet rn , I haven't played it on my hardware so I can't guarantee anything

  30. Not legal to obtain though and if running on a halfway decent PC, shaders can be built with little to no stutter as long as Vulkan and asynchronous shaders is enabled

  31. Is an an i5-10210u with uhd graphics and 16gb ddr4 considered halfway decent, for what games?

  32. Hey how about i5-10210u uhd graphics and 16gb ram for ds3

  33. and head to if you really want an app

  34. Without opera it is 3%, but as soon as i move my mouse it jumps right back to 25%

  35. I'm not quite sure, try clicking on the CPU tab to see what app exactly is using most cpu when you move the mouse. As cable has said when nothing's happening it should stay around 0-2% I don't see why hovering should affect that and yes RAM should pretty much stay around 25%. at least for me ( not the same laptop though). That said any reason you use avast specifically. I find windows defender and periodic Malwarebytes scan to be quiet sufficient without being too intrusive on my system like avast prevented me from using defender so had to get rid of it(which can be a pain to do, it's like a fcking virus itself). Not trying to convince you to remove it or anything, just saying. Also you should run perfmon /rel to see if any recent hardware or software problems may be causing the slowdown.

  36. License. He didn't have to be a jerk though. Oh and also misspell

  37. Context? I forgot the episode :)

  38. They’re at Camp in the, I think 4th season— after their BIG fight, and Andrew shows up because his dad makes him— they’re in the cafeteria and it’s awkward cause ya know, the fight— and Maury is looking at Nick from where Andrew is sitting, and criticizes the way he eats spaghetti 😂

  39. Ahh thanks! I knew it must have happen during camp but couldn't remember if it was Maury or Andrew.


  41. Thank you! Sucks that some can be so naive.

  42. You're welcome! And I know, right? Even if this story didn't happen in America, there's still the fact that the OP didn't even say how her fictional niece died until someone suddenly suggested that the sister committed murder. And that's when she came up with the story that the sister left her young baby in the hot car for twenty minutes(very specific with the heat outside and how long the baby was in there for).

  43. someone was convinced to just leave the sub entirely because of the suggestion. most of these fakes storm up as a result of just using throwaway accountsq. Doubt anybody with a decent post history would come up with shit just for reddit drama.

  44. That would be good,I was worried if they would cancel the show and kill Adult Swim or something :5993:

  45. :5993: it's after "something"

  46. If you're having trouble with that, a technique that worked for me was to type up an email to noone and let it all out...about how her behavior makes you feel, etc., then don't send it.

  47. No that’s diarrhea, Pennsylvania is where your glucose level is lower than normal

  48. No that's hypoglycaemia, Pennsylvania is when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat

  49. I do also require this knowledge...for a friend

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