1. Right when the lobby screen popped up and it panned to Myf and Jmac… they kept their composure vocally but the looks on their faces… they knew. Just emptiness on the inside.

  2. Dolson looked pissed after the crash yesterday and I don’t blame him. I feel so bad for the casters. They gotta stall and act like everything is fine.

  3. Why do these crashes happen to SPL games so often? I never see my games crash like this. Does it have to do with them playing in a different server for SPL?

  4. If it makes you feel better, Palps came back in a similarly kooky and convoluted way in the old EU too.

  5. I always say, if you read the EU the same way you read Marvel or DC comics, it’s amazing. Is it crazy and jumbled and full of retcons? Yes, very much so, but it’s still cool to see them at least mostly succeed at keeping it all coherent.

  6. That’s a good way to look at it. I guess that’s why I could never really get into it? Felt like Star Wars but a little too far out at times lol

  7. I have 2 ways you can look at it.

  8. its some other cowardly asshole who cant grasp our conversation. I don't do those kind of things, because then people like you get bent out of shape and then it makes it difficult to be civil. Besides, whats the point? its not like down voting is going to make my point any stronger or yours any weaker.

  9. Bro if a gen pops before I get a hook that’s a dc idc what you say ain’t gonn play ez

  10. Technically it is def doable. Question is, is Hirez willing to put effort into it 😂

  11. Yeah blight is way harder to play than nurse. At least, his skill ceiling is much higher.

  12. can't wait for the survivor bad variation tomorrow! and killer bad variation again the next day. etc

  13. I can’t believe how much of the country got manipulated into believing that capitalism is okay.

  14. But if you must do this, do it on Reddit where it will (probably) stay anonymous.

  15. Eyrie -> Garden -> Borgo. Just outstanding job BHVR. Somehow one upping yourselves with every new map.

  16. From what I understand of the bracket, I don't think it's possible for the Dragons to take 1st, cause they don't play each other. There's no grandfinal match and they're on opposite side of the bracket.

  17. The reason those gods are popular is because they have a shit ton of skins too. No new player is going to look at Cu if he has 1 skin, but if they see a woman with big ass boobs and a shit ton of decent skins, they are going to pick the character with a lot of skins. Aka neith.

  18. It’s exactly this. It’s a cycle that not many people recognize. Of course a god with tons of skins is going to be popular.

  19. Because she a cutie 😂 the cave Johnson lemon juice and water you dehydrated corgi to the woman who started playing 🎴 the server to protect against computer viruses email programs may prevent sending or receiving a quote for your efforts.

  20. My fav mid laner solo’d him and put him down like a dog. You dragon fans cope so hard lmfao. Hmu when they lose at worlds yet again.

  21. Well in Pegon’s defense he solod Paul in a recent set and has solo carried games. Paul, while still a beast and one of the best mids to ever play the game, isn’t as dominant as previous seasons.

  22. Just because you don’t like the spell audits doesn’t mean the patch is unfinished?

  23. Speaking of spell audits, is there some place with a compilation of all the spell changes?

  24. Atmoplex has them all on his Twitter I think

  25. I dont want infantry that need insane buffs just to be decent frontline. Thats not khorne. I also dont care for the "magic is cheating hurrdurr" aspect khorne seems to heavily lean in to, too specific and often pretty unfun for everyone. I want cool heroes that kick ass and are too busy kicking ass to take names. I want the chaos resource not be either about desperately surviving or just winning more.

  26. I completely agree. Khorne infantry should be better than any other faction’s infantry point to point (except against other melee factions I guess). It’s an insult we need must-bring units like the bloodsecrator or Wrathmongers just to get our guys where they already should be.

  27. Then he misses the spin attack and proceeds to stare at the opponent until his buffs run out

  28. Skarbrand does the same shit. Somehow he manages to waste his entire 36 second long buff by just staring at the enemy lord.

  29. Skarbrand is less dependant on his buff, so I don't have as much of a frustrating time with him. Sure, the damage buff is nice, but it's not the end of the world if I miss it.

  30. I was more just pointing out the time. A 36 second buff is not super common and seeing Skarbrand just stand there doing nothing for that long hurts. N’Kari gets screwed over hard though for sure. Large entity dueling needs a big fix, hopefully soon.

  31. it feels like almost every season we go through a period of mages being trash and so they over buff them, but this years trash mage era has been wayyyy longer.

  32. Yeah it’s been way too long since mages have been shit. I don’t understand how they let the largest class in the game remain this bad for so long.

  33. probably because it's the largest class in the game and any changes can have a vast, sweeping array of unintended consequences.

  34. Oh for sure, it’s definitely hard to balance. I’m just surprised at how long it’s been since the class as a whole was any good. They’re usually faster to make class-wide changes but maybe they’re hesitant because if past mistakes.

  35. Are they a Home of sectuas? 🤔 a Home of satchels? 💅 Home a saxus? 🌈 🕺🏻

  36. Getting downvoted for asking for clarification no less. This sub sure does have some weird nerds dude.

  37. This is just a Reddit-wide thing. I recently gave some incorrect info in another game sub and got showered in downvotes when correcting myself. People see that “-“ and downvote away.

  38. Your stat line stresses me out lol. I have ptsd from hard carrying games that smite had set aside for me to lose. Smite doesn't regulate your w/l by giving you better enemies, but by giving you worse teammates.

  39. I swear the game matches you with actual bots once you win 3 games in a row. If your recent winrate is too high above 50%, expect a losing streak incoming and there’s little you can do about it.

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